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Team’s top picks Huntingdon

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  1. of Serge P.
    March 13, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Superb wine from Romagna with fruity notes, with a touch of cherry and red berries. Balanced and versatile, it is a discovery not to be missed for lovers of vibrant wines. It is a wonderful accompaniment to pasta, grilled meats and charcuterie dishes.
  2. of William F.
    March 7, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Delight your taste buds with this organic Italian wine! On the palate, its beautiful delicate notes of apple, pear and floral side offer a sublime taste experience. Perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to white meat. To be discovered without delay!
  3. of Serge P.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) This wine, mostly Syrah (85%) with a touch of petite Sirah (15%), enchants with its rich aromas of black cherry, blackberry and vanilla. A perfect combination of grape varieties, which harmonizes perfectly with grilled meat dishes and mature cheeses.
  4. of William F.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Great rum designed by singer Matt Lang! It will seduce you with its creaminess and subtle notes of maple, caramel, vanilla and banana, rivaling Bumbu but cheaper. Perfect on the rocks or as a dessert, it offers a superb taste experience!
  5. of William F.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) This smooth Quebec whisky reveals aromas of plum, blackcurrant and spices, with a subtle touch of chocolate. Its unique taste will seduce connoisseurs and flavor adventurers. Surprising and affordable, this Quebec whisky will amaze you!
  6. of William F.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Super Côtes-du-Rhône offering an explosion of cherry and wild blackberry aromas, balanced by spicy undertones of black pepper. Its supple tannins provide an elegant structure, creating a silky, enveloping mouthfeel that lingers long after tasting.
  7. of William F.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) A bold fusion of haskap and tangerine, this product will awaken your taste buds with its exotic and refreshing marriage. Each sip offers a unique taste journey, a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. A true heavenly delight.
  8. of William F.
    February 17, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Originating from the sunny Jumilla region of Spain, this wine embodies the vibrant soul of its terroir. Perfect to accompany Mediterranean dishes or simply to be enjoyed with friends. A beautiful, intense red colour and bewitching aromas of red fruits and spices. I recommend it!