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Wine preservation

6 results
  1. wine preservation

    Testing out: wine preservation

    Can you really save wine to drink another day? We tested four wine preservation methods to see just how long wine remains drinkable, and more importantly, worthy of your glass.

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  2. Open bottles

    Storing Opened Bottles

    How to store alcohol once the bottle’s been opened.

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  3. natural wines

    The true nature of wine

    Organic, biodynamic, and more recently natural wines are far more than a trend; they are more popular than ever and we totally understand the increasing infatuation. Let’s look at why people are (happily) getting back to nature.

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  4. leftover alcohol

    What to do with leftover alcohol

    They can still be consumed after a few days or kept longer for cooking purposes. Here are some ideas on how to best proceed.

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  5. Aerate of wine
    Tasting and service

    Aerate or decant your wine?

    In articles about wine tasting, whether in printed publications or even in, you will come across the suggestion that you should store wine in a decanter for a certain amount of time. But what is the difference between aerating and decanting the wine?

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