We might all fancy a sip of wine from time to time. But when that moment arrives, our bottles aren’t always at just the right drinking temperature. Here are some ideas so you’ll never be disappointed.


An ice bucketAn ice bucket

An ice bucket

It’s the best way to chill white or rosé wines. Pour an equal amount of water and ice cubes into a bucket or large salad bowl and submerge the bottle. It takes about 12 minutes for it to reach the desired temperature. To chill it even faster, add salt to the water and let the magic do its work!

Ceramic ice cubesCeramic ice cubes

Ceramic ice cubes

Unlike plastic, ceramic is a natural material. And ceramic ice cubes won’t alter the wine’s taste. Keep the cubes permanently in a freezer for ready use and reuse.


Can wine go in the freezer?Can wine go in the freezer?

Can wine go in the freezer?

Yes, generally speaking. Allow about 10 minutes for red wine and 20 for white. If you forget about the bottle, don’t panic. The wine is still good as long as the cork stays more or less in place. But the freezer is a no-no for sparkling wines, which risk losing their fizz, or for older vintages, which could be spoiled in the process.


Portable wine chillersPortable wine chillers

Portable wine chillers

The Ravi is the unanimous choice of sommeliers. This made-in-Quebec product chills white wines instantly, from 22°C to 9°C.