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Donations and sponsorships

Proud to be involved
in the community

Through its donation and sponsorship program, the SAQ contributes to the economic and social vitality of regions throughout Quebec by investing more than $5 million annually in 250 organisations and events connected to the major issues of our society.

General criteria to submit a request

Three types of sponsorships


The SAQ is involved in a myriad of events across the province, from major metropolitan festivals to the regional wine fairs.


Through social sponsorship, the SAQ offers its support to several organizations in health, culture, education and humanitarian aid.

Sustainable development

The SAQ raises a glass to a healthy planet by supporting innovative projects giving a second life to glass, as well as projects promoting local economy.

General criteria to submit a request

In order to be eligible for a donation or sponsorship, the organization or event must meet all the criteria and requirements associated with the areas of intervention designated in the Politique des dons et des commandites (in French only). The SAQ does not support the following: Commercial development corporations (SDC), health organizations whose primary mission is not research or treatment, including support organizations, neighbourhood parties or anniversaries of a city or borough, sports associations, personal events (e.g., weddings, Christmas dinners, etc.), etc.*

Each application is analyzed according to the SAQ's business priorities and allocated budgets. Thus, even if an organization or event meets all the criteria, it does not commit the SAQ to grant it a donation or sponsorship. Similarly, a contribution to an organization in a given sector does not necessarily commit the SAQ to supporting all organizations operating in the same sector.

*non-exhaustive list

  • Important dates

    Event or sustainable development sponsorship

    Dealine to apply: December 1 for events held between April 1 and March 31 of every year.
    Delay for response: answers will be sent by mid-March.

    Social sponsorship

    Date of submission: Anytime. Your request must be submitted at least 90 days before your event.  
    Delay for response: 6 to 8 weeks. 

  • The applicant organization must:
    • work in one of the fields supported by the SAQ, namely education, environment, health, culture or food or humanitarian assistance OR be the organizer of an event or festival reaching a critical mass of people;
    • hold the event or project for which it is requesting a donation or sponsorship on Quebec territory and address a Quebec clientele over the age of majority;  
    • represent a group of individuals. The donation or sponsorship cannot be made for the benefit of a single individual (except for sommelier grants)  
    • have official status and a registration number as a non-profit or public agency; 
    • demonstrate sound management; 
    • provide annual audited financial statements or other supporting documentation upon request, as required;  
    • promote eco-responsible practices;
    • have a board of directors composed mainly of independent members;  
    • not be associated, nor its event, with a religious or political cause. 

For more details, consult the Politique des dons et des commandites (in French only).

All sponsored events

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  1. Montréal Passion Vin
    Donations and sponsorships

    Montréal Passion Vin

    The SAQ is proud to be a partner of Montréal Passion Vin, which will take place in 2024.

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  2. Igloofest Montréal
    Donations and sponsorships

    Igloofest Montréal

    The SAQ is proud to be a partner of Igloofest Montréal, which will take in 2025.

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  3. Montréal en lumière
    Donations and sponsorships

    Montréal en lumière

    The SAQ is proud to be a partner of Montréal en lumière, which will take place in 2025.

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  4. Carnaval de Québec
    Donations and sponsorships

    Carnaval de Québec

    The SAQ is proud to be a partner of rhe Carnaval de Québec, which will take place in 2025.

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  5. Tablée des chefs, people sharing food
    Donations and sponsorships

    La Tablée des Chefs: Nourishing hope

    See how La Tablée des Chefs has become a pillar in the fight against food insecurity in Quebec thanks to its continued commitment and the support of partners like the SAQ.

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  6. Food baskets
    Donations and sponsorships

    SAQ X BAQ, a nourishing alliance

    Over the years and in several regions, our employees have built ties with local organizations. We’ve collected first-hand accounts from a pair of store teams that have come to see our BAQ campaigns as a symbol of solidarity with their community.

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  7. Fierté Montreal, Pride, 2SLGBTQIA+, Village, inclusivity
    Donations and sponsorships

    Montreal Pride: Meeting the new 2SLGBTQIA+ wave

    Once again, the SAQ is a partner of the Montréal Pride Festival, which will be celebrating diversity, inclusion and peace from August 1 to 7 in Montreal. For the occasion, we met with two restaurant personalities who are very involved in the community to get their perspective on the evolution of the 2SLGBTQIA+ scene in recent years.

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  8. Nuits d'Afrique, festival, donations and sponsorship, SAQ, Joyce N'Sana
    Donations and sponsorships

    Nuits d'Afrique: Discover Joyce N'Sana's Tastes

    When the Nuits d'Afrique International Festival comes to town, it's hard to resist the warm and energetic rhythms. Of all the incredible artists performing at this 36th edition, of which the SAQ is a proud partner, the vibrant Joyce N'Sana caught our attention. We were curious to know the artists who inspire her and the flavours that get her going.

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  9. Simon Gamache
    Donations and sponsorships

    A chat with Simon Gamache

    Fierté Montréal pride festival organizes seven days of cultural and community activities to festively mark the achievements of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. To find out what the 2022 edition of Fierté Montréal holds in store for us, we spoke with the event’s general director, Simon Gamache.

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  10. Haiti en folie, event, festival, cocktail, recipe, Caribbean
    Donations and sponsorships

    Haiti en Folie: Two cocktails with a taste of the Caribbean

    From July 25 to 31 in Montreal, the colours of lively and gourmet people will shine. The Festival Haiti en Folie is back for its 16th edition and the SAQ is proud to be a partner of this event, which brings together hundreds of thousands of festivalgoers.

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  11. La Tablée des Chefs: food for the stomach, food for the soul
    Donations and sponsorships

    La Tablée des Chefs: food for the stomach, food for the soul

    Since the start of the Great Confinement, Jean-François Archambault and his team at Tablée des Chefs have moved heaven and pantry to get chefs back into their kitchens to restock the Food Banks of Quebec.

    Read more
  12. SAQ Bistro
    Donations and sponsorships

    Our bistros make culture shine

    When you enjoy a drink in a bistro SAQ, you're supporting the event you're attending in your community in an eco-responsible way. Here's why.

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