Beyond lager, red and dark beer, a world of tasting awaits you. Learn more about beer styles, pairings and more in The spirit of knowing blog.

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  1.  beer style
    Tasting and service

    Discover your beer style!

    Beer lovers wait impatiently all year long and now it’s almost here: Oktoberfest! In honour of this festive celebration, why not discover your beer taste profile?

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  2. Québec cheeses and complementary pairings

    Cheese pairings: Try something new!

    Hosting a wine-and-cheese-themed evening is always a sure-fire success! For a modern take on a cheese tray, seek out Québec cheeses and complementary pairings that stray a bit from the beaten path.

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  3. Bring-your-own-bottle sugar shacks
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Bring-your-own-bottle sugar shacks

    At long last, it’s maple time! Looking for a bring-your-own-bottle sugar shack but not sure how to pick the right one from among Quebec’s vast choices? We have some unforgettable addresses for you!

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