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White rum, dark rum, spiced rum, agricultural rum; how to tell them apart? Explore all of our articles on the different styles, cocktails and more in The spirit of knowing blog.

6 results
  1. Joy Spence, master blender at Appleton

    Joy Spence, the grande dame of rum

    As Black History Month unfolds, meet Dr. Joy Spence, a master blender for nearly 30 years at Appleton in Jamaica, an exceptional woman whose reputation extends far beyond the Caribbean region.

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  2. The flavour alchemist

    The flavour alchemist

    At the corner of Chapleau and Masson in Montreal’s Rosemont neighbourhood, Lilian Wolfelsberger is constantly experimenting. The co-founder of Distillerie de Montréal took us behind the scenes in his lab and revealed the creative process behind his chocolate and pineapple spirits.

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  3. A Haitian-style Christmas

    A Haitian-style Christmas

    Chef Paul Toussaint from the restaurant Kamúy is here to put us in the holiday spirit. He recounts stories of his Christmases in Haiti as a child, the feasts he now cooks for his family, and the recipe for his famous rum and pineapple ham—served with ti-punch, of course.

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  4. Quebec rum: The taste of the West Indies, made right here

    Quebec rum: The taste of the West Indies, made right here

    Did you know that rum was already being distilled here in Quebec when it was known as New France? Clearly, the modern history of Quebec rums is much more recent, but its star is on the rise. Here’s a look at a trend that’s about to take off.

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  5. Glass of rum with steak
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Rum at the dinner table!

    With its vast array of styles and nuances, rum can also find a place of choice along various dishes and various moments of the meal, from starter to sweets.

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  6. Open bottles

    Storing Opened Bottles

    How to store alcohol once the bottle’s been opened.

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