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Glass of rum with steak

Pairings and Taste Tags

Rum at the dinner table!

With its vast array of styles and nuances, rum can also find a place of choice along various dishes and various moments of the meal, from starter to sweets.

Published on February 7, 2022
Rhum et accordsRhum et accords

And with so many different rum styles,
from light to spiced, pale to dark, each can find a match to a specific cuisine or flavour.

On the light side

The mild flavours of white rum and amber rum, served on its own or in a cocktail with lime or exotic fruit (looking at your, piña colada or zombie, for example) will pair beautifully with fish tacos, seafood brochettes or grilled fish, ou even with Asian pork brochettes, especially if served with fruit salsa or grilled pineapple. Ceviche, where fish is “cooked” by citrus juice will obviously be quite harmonious paired to lemon or lime-based cocktails.

Viande et rhumViande et rhum

Kick it up a notch

Spicier or deeper-flavoured dishes will be more suited to dark rum or spiced rum. Jerk chicken, a typical Jamaican recipe brimming with spices, is a classic pairing with the island’s flavourful rums.

When serving ribs, think of a rich and generous dark rum, or even a rum and coke. A lamb curry with raisins and almonds can also create interesting harmonies with spicier rums, or with a Dark and stormy (why not!) where rum and ginger beer unite.

Sweet pairings

For desserts, elegant aged rums are a fine match for dark chocolate or chocolate with orange or maple chunks. Holidays desserts (plum pudding, fruit cake and more) are also a good match to more robust rums. And why not with Queen Elizabeth cake and that delicious coconut topping? A great way to highlight the tropical accents of spirits made from cane sugar.

Rhum et chocolatRhum et chocolat

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