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Wine and pork in perfect harmony

For all tastes and budgets

Quebec pork is a delicious and affordable protein you can cook a thousand ways, whether for quick weeknight dinners or more elaborate creations for big celebrations. Discover holiday recipes and local wines that pair perfectly with pork. 

Le porc du QuébecLe porc du Québec

Local wine to make your Quebec pork dishes shine

honey, mustard, sage & chic choc rack of porkhoney, mustard, sage & chic choc rack of pork

Honey, mustard, sage & chic choc rack of pork 
La Cantina
Vallée d'Oka

Pork shoulder & red wine stewPork shoulder & red wine stew

Pork shoulder
& red wine stew
l'Ange Gardien
Côte de Beaupré

Herb and bacon meatballsHerb and bacon meatballs

Herb and bacon meatballs 
Domaine Lafrance
"Rick Special Blend" #3

Rosé to well-done

De rosé à bien cuit.De rosé à bien cuit.

Pork lends itself to all seasons and cooking methods, from barbecue to slow cooker. Your best ally for a successful recipe? The meat thermometer, a must. Did you also know that you need a rest period before and after cooking? By bringing your meat to room temperature, you will have more uniform cooking, while post-cooking rest allows the juices to be reabsorbed and distributed throughout your piece of meat. 

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Over 30 cuts to choose from

Osso buco, meatballs, ribs; everything is possible with pork. Did you know? Pork cheeks are quite coveted by restaurateurs because they melt in the mouth when cooked for hours at low heat. Tenderloin gets its name because it is indeed one of the most tender and popular cuts, although osso buco is growing in popularity because it is more economical and just as delicious as veal. 

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Even more inspiring recipes for the holidays 

Apple-stuffed roast of porkApple-stuffed roast of pork

roast of pork
Rouge rubis

Holiday meatballs and pig's feet stewHoliday meatballs and pig's feet stew

Holiday meatballs
and pig's feet stew
Domaine des
Côtes d'Ardoise

Pulled pork canapés, whisky flavoured barbecue saucePulled pork canapés, whisky flavoured barbecue sauce

Pulled pork canapés, whisky flavoured barbecue sauce
Le Chat Botté
Rouge Bourbon

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