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Sous le bouchon 

Sous le bouchon features encounters with experts from the SAQ and elsewhere that take you behind the scenes at the government corporation: from the challenges of merchandising to our social responsibility and many other issues facing the beverage alcohol industry, you’ll discover what makes us a retailer unlike any other! Subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode!

Sous le bouchonSous le bouchon

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Quebec Products

Episode 2

Real underlying trend or temporary "pandemic" solidarity? 

Quebecers are increasingly conscious about buying local. In the last year, sales of Quebec products have increased nearly 30% at the SAQ. Real underlying trend or temporary "pandemic" solidarity?

Two experts on the alcohol market in Quebec give their opinion.

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  1. sous le bouchon Podcast

    Episode 21 | Trends in 2023

    What happens when a numbers gal gets together with a sales floor guy to talk trends? Listen to this episode and find out! Merchandising Strategy Specialist Isabelle Gaudet chats with Samuel Dubois from the Rue Papineau SAQ Sélection, who also leads the ITHQ’s trends workshops.

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  2. Podcast

    Episode 20 | The Sommelier profession

    Quebec has produced several high-level sommeliers, as you have discovered in part 1 of our podcast on sommellerie. In part 2, meet two sommeliers who are also SAQ employees as they tell us how they became someliers.

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  3. Episode 19 | Heartfelt partnerships

    Episode 19 | Heartfelt partnerships

    The SAQ’s donations and sponsorships are more than just a cheque… Discover how we’ve become involved in Quebec communities by building close ties with the organizations we support. A chat with Emanuelle Roy from the Donations and Sponsorships Department, Thomas Grégoire from FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières and Jean-François Archambault from La Tablée des chefs.

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  4. Episode 18 | Quality Control, the lab’s hidden gem

    Episode 18 | Quality Control, the lab’s hidden gem

    Expertise, thoroughness, and judgement: these are three principles that guide the SAQ’s quality control process and its laboratory, a centre of scientific expertise that’s a crucial part of bringing products to market. Chats with France Nault, Director, Quality Control, and Nicolas Angers, a lawyer at the SAQ.

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  5. Episode 17 |CCHM: Cultivating community

    Episode 17 |CCHM: Cultivating community

    Food assistance is the SAQ’s corporate cause. In 2022, we became even more deeply involved in the cause by partnering with the Cuisine collective Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (CCHM), which provides food, reduces isolation and helps the needy to overcome adversity. A look into a partnership that’s changing the world and inspiring pride!

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  6. Podcast

    Episode 16 | Local microdistillers

    For several years now, local artisans have been innovating to create one-of-a-kind spirits. Jean-Philippe Bouchard from Distillerie du Fjord and Marchel Maihot from Distillerie Grand Dérangement tell us how they succeeded in capturing the soul of Quebec’s terroir in their products.

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  7. Sous le bouchon Podcast

    Episode 15 | One employee, two passions

    Did you always want to live under the spotlight? For some of our employees, it’s a dream they’re living while also holding an in-store job. A look into the working and artistic lives of two SAQ cashier-salesclerks, Pascal Asselin (aka Millmetrik) and Carl Campeau.

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  8. Podcast

    Episode 14 | The Inspire card in a few points

    "Have your Inspire card?" A question asked millions of times in stores since 2015, when Inspire was introduced. But why have a personalization program at all? Dominique Bonin and Ariane De Warren, relational marketing experts at the SAQ, answer the question

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  9. SAQ Podcast

    Episode 13 | Pop goes the bubbly!

    What could be more festive than a glass of bubbly? Listen to two experts on the subject, Simon Bourbeau and Guénaël Revel, discuss the growing popularity of sparkling wines in Quebec and around the planet.

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  10. Podcast

    Episode 12 | Eco friendly stores

    The SAQ has a network of more than 400 stores across Quebec. Our store planning teams spend a lot of time thinking about the in-store experience and making sure every store construction or remodelling project is an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint.

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  11. Podcast

    Episode 11 | Food Banks of Quebec

    Because we believe that before drinking well it is essential to have enough to eat, we have made food assistance our corporate cause. Listen to Martin Munger, General Manager of Food Banks of Quebec, Élaine Coté, General Manager of Moisson Québec and Armand Kayolo, General Manager of Moisson Outaouais.

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  12. A thirst for learning – our training offer for employees and clients

    Episode 10 | A thirst for learning

    Our customers’ desire for discovery is matched only by our employees’ desire for learning. To ensure that the interaction between customers and employees is rewarding, the SAQ offers as much information as possible on the products to its employees through various training sessions.

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