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Sous le bouchon 

Sous le bouchon features encounters with experts from the SAQ and elsewhere that take you behind the scenes at the government corporation: from the challenges of merchandising to our social responsibility and many other issues facing the beverage alcohol industry, you’ll discover what makes us a retailer unlike any other! Subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode!

Sous le bouchonSous le bouchon

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Quebec Products

Episode 2

Real underlying trend or temporary "pandemic" solidarity? 

Quebecers are increasingly conscious about buying local. In the last year, sales of Quebec products have increased nearly 30% at the SAQ. Real underlying trend or temporary "pandemic" solidarity?

Two experts on the alcohol market in Quebec give their opinion.

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  1. Sous le bouchon podcast

    Episode 29 | SAQ professions: Wine advisors

    What makes customer service exceptional? Joined by two wine advisors, Marika Milo and Mariève Côté, we explore how advisors work with their customers and colleagues to provide excellent in-store service.

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  2. sous le bouchon Podcast

    Episode 28 | Eco-responsible containers

    Know what makes a wine or spirits container eco-responsible? Maxime Rivest from the SAQ’s Social Responsibility team and Geneviève Dionne from Éco Entreprises Québec discuss the issue and suggest more sustainable solutions.

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  3. SAQ Podcast

    Episode 27 | Women and wine

    To mark International Women’s Rights Day, Sous le bouchon asks the question: Does the wine world remain a man’s world? Joining us to discuss the answer are Ève Rainville, co-owner of the Domaine Bergeville winery, and renowned sommelier and columnist Véronique Rivest.

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  4. sous le bouchon, the SAQ podcast

    Episode 26 | The science of locating stores

    A chat with Mario Mercier, an analyst with the Real Estate Development team, and Jean-François Grenier from the Altus Group, a market research expert specializing in locations for retailers and other businesses.

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  5. Sous le bouchon podcast

    Episode 25 | In-depth interview with Michelle Bouffard

    Sous le bouchon features an interview conducted by journalist and columnist Anne-Lovely Étienne. She welcomes respected sommelier Michelle Bouffard, who is also co-author of the book "Quel vin pour demain?" and founder of the "Tasting Climate Change Conference".

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  6. Sous le bouchon Podcast

    Episode 24 | 20 things you always wanted to know about the SAQ (but were afraid to ask)

    Our President and members of the SAQ executive team debunk some of the myths about the government corporation and its business. You’ll know your SAQ better after listening to this new episode!

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  7. The interviews - SAQ podcast

    Episode 23 | In-depth interview with Jacques Farcy

    Interview with Jacques Farcy, our President and Chief Executive Officer, discussing the SAQ, its place in Quebec and how he intends to make the company even better for society.

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  8. Podcast

    Episode 22 | Prices explained

    Prices! A touchy subject for the SAQ and customers alike. What are the factors causing prices to fluctuate and what bargaining power does the government corporation have? We take a look at these questions with Édith Filion, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, and wine expert Alain Pérocheau, who also pens the Hippovino blog.

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  9. sous le bouchon Podcast

    Episode 21 | Trends in 2023

    What happens when a numbers gal gets together with a sales floor guy to talk trends? Listen to this episode and find out! Merchandising Strategy Specialist Isabelle Gaudet chats with Samuel Dubois from the Rue Papineau SAQ Sélection, who also leads the ITHQ’s trends workshops.

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  10. Podcast

    Episode 20 | The Sommelier profession

    Quebec has produced several high-level sommeliers, as you have discovered in part 1 of our podcast on sommellerie. In part 2, meet two sommeliers who are also SAQ employees as they tell us how they became someliers.

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  11. Episode 19 | Heartfelt partnerships

    Episode 19 | Heartfelt partnerships

    The SAQ’s donations and sponsorships are more than just a cheque… Discover how we’ve become involved in Quebec communities by building close ties with the organizations we support. A chat with Emanuelle Roy from the Donations and Sponsorships Department, Thomas Grégoire from FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières and Jean-François Archambault from La Tablée des chefs.

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  12. Episode 18 | Quality Control, the lab’s hidden gem

    Episode 18 | Quality Control, the lab’s hidden gem

    Expertise, thoroughness, and judgement: these are three principles that guide the SAQ’s quality control process and its laboratory, a centre of scientific expertise that’s a crucial part of bringing products to market. Chats with France Nault, Director, Quality Control, and Nicolas Angers, a lawyer at the SAQ.

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