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Wide view of a SAQ outlet

Profile, mandate and mission

The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) is a government corporation whose mandate is to sell alcoholic beverages and whose mission is to provide superior service to the Quebec public by offering a broad range of quality products.


The SAQ provides a major income stream to the Quebec and federal governments in the form of taxes and duties. It also makes a dividend payment to the Quebec government. Its sole shareholder is the Quebec Finance Department.


Vision and values

Vision: to become a world leader in the selection and sale of wines and spirits.

Values: the following six values guide the SAQ in managing its business. They form the basis of the company’s culture and inform its employees’ decisions.


The communicative enthusiasm that SAQ employees share for the world of wines and spirits, service and for providing advice to customers.


The recognition we show for others and their contributions.


Fully assuming our role as business professionals, in particular by prudently managing public funds, committing to our sustainable development objectives and applying our sales ethic.


Working with a constant concern for transparency and honesty.


Working as a team, pulling in the same direction, moving toward the same goal.


What we seek to achieve between our commercial responsibility and our social responsibility.