bright ideas
for the future

Inspiring Quebecers
shared some of
their ideas.

Greener, more immersive, more human, more open to the world--the SAQ has room to grow and progress in the next 100 years. Hear some great ideas from people who decided to try their hand at a little futurology.

Remarkable ideas

Liza FrullaLiza Frulla

Immersive experiences will transport customers to the vineyard of the product they’re trying.

- Liza Frulla 

Laurent Saulnier Laurent Saulnier 

The SAQ of the future will first and foremost promote producers from the local scene.

- Laurent Saulnier 

Stéphane ModatStéphane Modat

The SAQ will both allow Quebecers to discover products from all over and introduce Quebec products to people across the globe.

- Stéphane Modat
Chef, restaurant Le Clan

Marissa Leon-JohnMarissa Leon-John

I walk into the SAQ of the future and see a range of cultural backgrounds represented.

- Marissa Leon-John

 Julie Lacoursière Julie Lacoursière

In the future, the SAQ will send discovery boxes to customers so they can explore new products suited to their tastes.

- Julie Lacoursière
SAQ Employee

Angélique SigouinAngélique Sigouin

Every location will be a living, breathing entity, with flowerbeds and plants that attract pollinators.

- Angélique Sigouin

100 ans de bonnes idées

Anne et CatherineAnne et Catherine

Are there women making wine and fine spirits? In 100 years, that’s a question people would be embarrassed to ask.

- Anne and Catherine Monna

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