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Spirits - Gin

Gin is a growing trend! Gins from Quebec and elsewhere offer varied profiles for all tastes, whether in a gin-based cocktail or on the rocks. Make way for discovery!

8 results
  1. Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection

    Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection

    It's right off Highway 30 in Beauharnois, Montérégie, that you'll find Miel Nature. Owners Elena and Ali Agougou have received over 232 medals for their honey-based creations and rank among the most awarded couples in their field! Let's go meet them together.

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  2. Upcycling the fruits of their labour

    Upcycling the fruits of their labour

    At Entre Pierre et Terre in Franklin, in Montérégie, not only do owners Michelle Boyer and Loïc Chanut turn their orchard fruit into cider, wine and spirits, they also find ingenious ways to make sure nothing goes to waste.

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  3. The flavour alchemist

    The flavour alchemist

    At the corner of Chapleau and Masson in Montreal’s Rosemont neighbourhood, Lilian Wolfelsberger is constantly experimenting. The co-founder of Distillerie de Montréal took us behind the scenes in his lab and revealed the creative process behind his chocolate and pineapple spirits.

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  4. Following with the current

    Following with the current

    The main ingredient in Quebec spirits is our precious blue gold. Each bottle of locally made gin and vodka contains a bit of our terroir. Here’s how our waters add to their unique flavour.

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  5. Gin

    Our Top 10 must-have gins

    Whether we enjoy them in cocktails, with tonic water or even straight up to better taste them and discover their nuances, gins are popular and continue to surprise us with more and more extravagant fragrances.

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  6. Open bottles

    Storing Opened Bottles

    How to store alcohol once the bottle’s been opened.

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  7. distillery

    Spirits: grain to glass

    All it took was one and a quarter miles of corn fields in every direction, boreal water sourced from almost 300 feet underground, and a splash of crazy, and Pierre Mantha had everything he needed to start a new career by launching an artisanal distillery—the first in Outaouais—built just a few steps from the Gatineau airport. The secret to his success? A range of top-shelf spirits made with the choicest of raw ingredients.

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  8. a gin cocktail in preparation

    Gin mania!

    Quebec micro-distillery made gin is on the rise! Here are a few gins worth sampling – whether on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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