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Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection


Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection

It's right off Highway 30 in Beauharnois, Montérégie, that you'll find Miel Nature. Owners Elena and Ali Agougou have received over 232 medals for their honey-based creations and rank among the most awarded couples in their field! Let's go meet them together.

Published on May 23, 2024

When it comes to tasty treats made with honey, Miel Nature sets itself apart with one-of-a-kind Origine Québec meads and spirits

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Ali Agougou and his wife, Elena, welcomed me to their family-run meadery and microbrewery located in the heart of the Montérégie region. With a doctorate in food chemistry and a bachelor in food processing, respectively, Ali and Elena have spent 23 years studying and practising apiculture, and have developed extensive expertise on the subject. Their knowledge of bees, flowers and the honey-making process is nothing short of impressive, and it’s reflected in the products they make.

Ali and Elena craft their meads using premium-quality honey from their own beehives, which gives them a unique character. With 21 different meads to choose from, there’s something to suit every taste!

In addition to meads, Miel Nature also offers a selection of artisanal spirits made with honey. They’re distilled with great care to bring out the complex flavours and delicate notes of honey, and blended with the traditional ingredients of each type of alcohol. Whether it’s a honey-flavoured gin, an eau-de-vie or a vodka with a touch of sweetness, Miel Nature’s spirits are crafted with the greatest attention to detail.

“We work closely with other local producers to ensure the ingredients we use are high-quality,” said Ali.

« What really makes us different is the passion and attention that goes into the ingredients and the production process, »

he noted, beaming with pride as he pointed to the hundreds of awards displayed on the wall of the tasting room.

A wonderful testament to the quality of their products!

In addition to upholding their commitment to offering outstanding alcohols, Elena and Ali are mindful of protecting the environment. They strive to adopt sustainable practices, such as ensuring a healthy habitat for their bees and avoiding methods that are harmful to the local ecosystem. 

At Miel Nature, visitors are invited to discover the art of tasting, browse the variety of product offerings, and learn more about the production process and honeybees in general.

Whether you’re a honey aficionado or just curious to discover new flavour varieties, Miel Nature’s meads and spirits are a taste experience you simply won’t want to miss.

675, chemin de la Beauce
Beauharnois QC  J6N 3B8

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