What’s your profile?

Are you more of the Floral or Forest plant/boreal type? Here’s a list of our favourites, which have either quickly charmed us, emotionally touched us, or simply have stood the test of time and are among the most appreciated by customers.

Le Gin Bio Birster Contre Vents et Marées

When you think of gin, you must absolutely think of the juniper berry, obligatory aromatic in its making. If today most gins stack many other ingredients to personalize their creations, purists will always want to have on hand a "London Dry" type, the original style that has stood the test of time. In honour of their father Michel Birster, a lover of products of the land who left his native Burgundy to settle in Quebec, his children payed tribute to him by creating one of the few organic gins. It’s therefore with respect for nature in mind and purity that this local gin was designed.

Loop Lime et Gingembre

Driven by a noble social mission, food recovery company Loop partners with Mariana distillery to create this gin whose basic spirit was created from potato scraps of the Yum Yum potato chip factory. The gin profile is then enhanced with the enchanting scents of freshly squeezed lime juice and recovered ginger roots. Quite powerful at the aromatic level, it will give a convincing punch to your cocktails. And dare to include it in your favourite white sangria recipe for a guaranteed success!

A taste profile that we appreciate for the freshness it brings. Always well accompanied by citrus fruits of all kinds and most fresh herbs, these gins have that little something that easily puts us in holiday mode.

3 Lacs Lime Basilic

With its invigorating taste brought by the zest of organic lime and fresh basil leaves, this gin brings us back to the spirit of summer. Sichuan pepper, lemongrass, ginger and a touch of chamomile add complexity, a quality highly appreciated by gin lovers!

Madison Park Breakfast

Not that we would enjoy it at breakfast (no problem for brunch 😉), but this very original gin surprises us with its powerful scents of Earl Grey tea. It’s also the infusion of three types of tea that gives it its amber colour. Bergamot is very present and its delicate finish reminiscent of cinnamon gives it a beautiful aspect. Very nice just served on ice.

Kepler Bord de Mer

Proof that in adversity we become stronger! It was during the confinement that Kepler Bord de mer gin was born. Whipped with a burst of creativity during this somber period, the distiller from Lévis, Quebec began to micro distill the potential of different aromatics with a fresh and sunny profile. Strawberry, rhubarb, cucumber from the Toundra greenhouses in Saguenay and wild Wakamé algae harvested by distinguished Gaspé diver Antoine Nicolas give this fruity gin a profile that is both charming and quite well balanced.

Whether we prefer more delicate versions or want to be surprised by a more penetrating style, the spring awakening brought by Floral type gins comes in different shades. Downright "flowery" or involving the sweetness of honey, the range is vast and it’s easy to find one to your liking.

Bleu Royal

It lives up to its name and its success is still going strong. If other distillers have tried gins with different hues, it’s this one that continues to charm us. Its 100 % natural colour comes from the butterfly pea flower, but it’s the iris and lavender that personalize the bouquet. Turning pink when combined with tonic water, it’s a must for any aspiring home mixologist.

Cherry River Floral

Located in the Eastern Townships, this distillery brings together in a bottle the resinous scents of juniper berry with several aromatics of the Quebec flora. Thus, elderflower, fragrant violet, lavender and wild Kamouraska rose mingle in this refined, complex and balanced gin. Yet another talent for singer-songwriter Marc Dupré, co-owner of the distillery with his manager Francis Delage.

Guy Lafleur 10

The « Flower » became a legend thanks to his exciting and inspiring playstyle, his intensity and his five Stanley Cups, attributes in perfect harmony with gin Guy Lafleur 10, a spirit made in Quebec by Verger Hemmingford. Peppery and spicy, this Quebec gin with the Spicy taste tag unveils fragrances of juniper berry along with delicate notes of flowers and citrus. The perfect teammate come aperitif time or when the night goes into overtime!


Involving the sweet blend of Zeste Éclaire rooibos from Camellia Sinensis tea house, this gin takes us on a journey through its scents of South African flora, combined with pleasantly warm scents of pink pepper, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. The perfect gin for fall; try it in a hot cocktail.

This profile is very popular, and Quebec is full of aromatics that grow north of our hemisphere’s 50th parallel. Skilfully combining resinous and floral notes, sometimes embellished with tart berries, these gins are full of character and appeal to palates in search of thrills.

Menaud Gin

One of the few to persist in its approach, Menaud distillery makes its gin "from grain to bottle". The basic alcohol is therefore derived from the fermentation of cereals from the Îsle-aux-Coudres, then distilled with aromatics from the Charlevoix region. A true meditation gin, the marriage comprises samphire, sumac, elderberry, wild caraway, barberry, black spruce and dune pepper, and is quite sublime.

Cirka Navy Strenght

Aging a gin in barrels surely appeals more to whisky lovers, but you must taste Cirka’s Navy Strength at least once in your life. Very friendly distiller Isabelle Rochette honours a style of gin historically high in alcohol (the type that suited the Royal Navy at the time, since in case of breakage in ships holds’, it did not compromise the ignition of gunpowder). A maceration of sweet oranges coupled with an aging in corn whiskey barrels make it an essential tasting gin.