White Wine

Grape varieties, production methods, food and wine pairings, service and storage: discover all our articles on white wine.

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  1. Wine and soup pairings
    Tasting and service

    Pairings for soup!

    Traditionally, we steer wine lovers away from certain pairings, like soup for instance. Except that in reality, the craving for a glass of wine trumps the strict rules of specialists . . .

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  2. Mushrooms soup
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    The world of mushrooms...

    Cold weather? Time to go out on the hunt for mushrooms and their many possible wine pairings.

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  3. Winery in south africa

    The south African wines

    Connaissez-vous les vins d’Afrique du Sud? Dans ce pays magnifique, l’histoire viticole remonte à près de 400 ans. Des vins jeunes et qui sont sur nos tables depuis peu de temps.

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  4. Sauvignon blanc
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Sauvignon blanc: a taste of summer

    Here's the full story on Sauvignon Blanc, the official wine of summer.

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  5. Vin nature
    Production methods

    The ABCs of “natural” wine

    Exactly what is “natural wine”? An answer to the question that’s causing a lot of debate these days!

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