If you analyze the component elements of maple syrup aromas, you quickly realize they are precursors to barley sugar and vanilla and also present woody notes. These aromas in wine are often found in vintages that have spent some time in contact with wood. White and red wines with woody notes will therefore allow a connection to be created with dishes featuring these flavours. If the dish is fairly sweet, you can opt for semi-dry wines that are also slightly sweet. The idea is to avoid too sharp a contrast between, for example, a very dry wine and a fairly sweet ham!

Maple syrup production stepsMaple syrup production steps

In a nutshell, try white wines with the taste tags AROMATIC AND MELLOW or FRUITY AND SWEET, or reds with the taste tag AROMATIC AND SUPPLE that have woody or vanilla notes and mouth-coating tannins.

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying with dishes served at a sugar shack.

A truly original semi-dry Spanish wine with exotic accents of litchi and rose: