Of course, choosing a good lobster requires some basic knowledge. Have you ever found yourself staring in awe at a tankful of wriggling, rubber-banded lobsters? To help you make the right choice when buying the ideal specimen, follow these few tips.

Live lobster

If the lobster you first pluck out of the tank doesn’t move, it’s obviously not well and should be avoided. If, however, it curls its tail and flails its claws, you’ve got a good one. The shell must be thick and hard, indicating abundant meat. There’s no noticeable difference in taste between a male and a female – both are succulent. The female has “coral” (or roe), which some people can’t get enough of, while others can’t stand.

Cooked lobster

If you prefer buying precooked lobster, be sure that its colour is bright red and it has the sharp smell of seawater rather than that of stale fish. It’s also important that the tail is tucked under the body. If it’s not, it’s because your choice died before being cooked. If this is the case, its meat will be tough, and may be unfit for consumption. Finally, if the shell is sticky, give it a pass.

What do drink with your lobster

So now that you know how to pick the perfect lobster, what exactly should you pair it with? We suggest a Fruity and vibrant wine, or a rosé with a Fruity and medium-bodied taste tag. If you’re enjoying your lobster thermidor-style or in a creamy pasta dish, pop open an enveloping white from the Aromatic and mellow category.