Penfolds virtual tasting

SAQ Inspire Event

Penfolds with Peter Gago

This event is pre-recorded. | Available from October 6, 2022 | Virtual tasting

Published on June 21, 2022

Penfolds without borders

During this virtual tasting, you will be invited to discover the unique signature of the Penfolds house, while having the opportunity to compare the varietal expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia with that of the environment offered by Napa Valley in California. And what could be more unique than being able to do it in the company of Peter Gago, the undisputed master behind the vinification of these cuvées!

Event in English only

Tasting set sale date: September 15, 2022
Event date: Avalaible from October 6, 2022

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Because we believe that, before drinking well, it is essential to have enough to eat, a $5 donation will be remitted to Food Banks of Quebec for each ticket or tasting set sold.

L'inscription se fait selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Afin d'assurer un environnement de dégustation optimal pour tous les participants, veuillez ne pas porter de parfum. Cet événement s'adresse aux personnes de 18 ans et plus. La vente des billets est finale. Les portions sont mesurées. Veuillez consommer de façon responsable.