Champagne and sparkling wine

Champagne and sparkling wine, only for special occasions? Not at all! Find out more about the producing regions, the pairings and the service of sparkling wine in The spirit of knowing blog.

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  1. Cava: Great Spanish bubbly

    Cava: Great Spanish bubbly

    Cava is made with the same traditional method used to create Champagne, but has its own distinct personality. It’s also both delicious and reasonably priced.

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  2. glass of sparkling wine

    Prosecco: simple and accessible

    Affordable and refreshing, Prosecco’s success is growing everywhere in the world. Here’s a little overview of this seductive sparkling wine.

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  3. Glass of mousseux
    Production methods

    Cava's secrets revealed!

    A celebratory flute-filler that’s easy to drink and accessible, Cava is an international favourite that also features exceptional potential.

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