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Port and fortified wine

Port lovers, consult the SAQ's The spirit of knowing blog to learn more about fortified wines, the best port and food pairings, aging potential and more.

8 results
  1. Different types glasses wine
    Tasting and service

    A question of form

    Several factors can affect how we perceive a wine's flavour. Three experts tested the effect of different glasses on taste.

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  2. corkscrew
    Tasting and service

    What Exactly is a Corked Wine?

    The table is set, the glasses shined and all that’s left to do is to open the wine to go with the roast beef that’s been filling your house with mouth-watering aromas all day. You pop the cork and a strange smell wafts out of the bottle. And you know it’s strange because this is a wine you know by heart—one of your very favourites. Your wine is probably corked. But how does this even happen?

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  3. Open bottles

    Storing Opened Bottles

    How to store alcohol once the bottle’s been opened.

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  4. Wine tasting
    Tasting and service

    What bottle to open first?

    What bottle should you open first? And what’s the difference between a red, a white and a port? The most important thing to remember is that you need to give each bottle a chance to shine!

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  5. Jura vineyard
    Production methods

    Jura wine: original and complex!

    Jura is a small region—especially in terms of production. It’s worth the hunting though, these wines are diverse and very original!

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  6. Red wines

    How to sort out the WS Top 100

    Each year, eager wine lovers await the American magazine Wine Spectator’s Top 100 survey. Here’s a rundown of this popular rating system.

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  7. Landscape of Douro wine-growing region.
    Wine cultivation

    Rare grape varietal: Touriga Nacional

    Touriga Nacional: It may not ring a bell now, but giving one of Portugal’s lesser-known vintages a try might have you discover your new favourite bottle. Here’s a hint: ever had a glass of Port? Then Touriga Nacional might already be a well-loved favourite!

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  8. Glasses of sherry.
    Production methods

    All about sherry!

    To better understand the wonderful, mysterious world of sherry, here is an introduction to how it is made as well as two suggestions for tasting and pairing.

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