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Team’s top picks Québec - Rue St-Jean

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  1. of Stéphane L.
    April 22, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Balance and concentration, freshness and substance, warmth and density: oenologist Xavier Vignon offers us a Côtes-du-Rhône that is as solid as it is easy-drinking. The palate is bright, revealing accents of black fruit before earthy flavours manifest themselves with finesse. Get out the veggie sausages!
  2. of Stéphane L.
    April 8, 2024
    (Automatically translated) Magnificent cuvée that this Marylou! On the nose, humus and dark red forest fruits tending towards black compete for the limelight. On the palate, the explosion of flavours survives on velvet, nothing but velvet, and all in freshness. A perfect keel for an aperitif or a dish of tofu and roasted asparagus.
  3. of Stéphane L.
    July 30, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Organic, natural, juicy and a bit woody – and this, thanks to its brief aging in oak barrels – this red from the region of Murcia in Spain does not forget to highlight its small structured side. The Mourvèdre is ultimately smooth, silky, between black fruits and spices.
  4. of Stéphane L.
    June 13, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Nice wine of thirst that one! Its share of Grenache makes it a little bomb of red fruits, juicy galore and generously floral. Its share of carignan brings the touch of scrubland and candied black berries. Power in freshness that will go well with southern dishes.
  5. of Stéphane L.
    June 13, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Gouleyant to perfection, this gamay has become a classic of thirst wines and has discreet, elegant tannins behind their apparent nonchalance. As for sensations, we balance between flavors of black cherry and sweet liquorice, all haloed with a hint of spices and a frank minerality. It's extra!
  6. of Stéphane L.
    June 11, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Are you looking for an inviting and fruitful Beaujolais, both generous and velvety? You've found it! Beyond its frank simplicity, this gamay promises beautiful sensations, ranging from the basket of raspberries and black berries to the bouquet of field flowers. Frugal, yes, but jubilant!
  7. of Stéphane L.
    June 2, 2023
    (Automatically translated) At the table with a Tuscan liter like that, you can only delight the guests! If the structure and the fruit are classic – black cherry, plum, licorice and a touch of scrubland – the refreshing acidity and generosity give the whole a chubby but digestible side.
  8. of Stéphane L.
    April 15, 2023
    (Automatically translated) What could be more inviting than these aromas of apple, pear and yellow flowers, enhanced by a hint of vanilla and nutmeg? The taste buds will be delighted by the purity of the fruit combined with the flavors of honeydew melon and sour cream. Quite exquisite to accompany tofu marinated in lemon ...
  9. of Stéphane L.
    April 15, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Originally from the Basque Country, the fer servadou (another name for braucol) is presented here with freshness: expressive and round tannins, and a nose that evokes black fruits and chocolate! In the mouth, blackcurrant and gray pepper assert themselves. We will appreciate it all with a pizza with fauxmage and tempeh.
  10. of Stéphane L.
    April 7, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Fresh, but dashing! Revealing aromas of strawberry and raspberry, pink pepper and rosemary, this Pinot Noir also gives off a scent of moist earth haloed with smoke. On the palate, cherry kernel and pepper express themselves with warmth. Veggie dishes with truffle oil have found their accommodation!
  11. of Stéphane L.
    March 23, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Would we have found the Canadian cousin of the famous Côte-Rôtie? In any case, this Syrah from the Okanagan Valley is impressive! We taste there a broad-shouldered wine with aromas of blueberry jam, violet, liquorice, chocolate, pepper and vanilla... Perfect with a veggie burger.