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Deposit-return is happening and the SAQ is proud to be part of the solution!

A ringside seat on our pilot project to expand deposit-return because we want to give a second life to the bottles we sell, we are proud to present our pilot project to expand deposit-return at the SAQ Dépôt Terrebonne.

Join us in reinventing Quebec’s deposit-return system!

Catherine DagenaisCatherine Dagenais

“We’re committed to the deposit-return system and are working to make it simple, accessible and easy!”

- Catherine Dagenais 

3 simple steps

Collect your 100 ml to 2 L beverage containers made from aluminium, plastic or glass (except brown deposit-return beer bottles).

Feed the containers to the reverse vending machine located in the store entry.

Cash the returned container coupon printed by the machine or donate your deposit to Food Banks of Quebec.

Two birds, one stone:

Give a second life to your single-use containers and support Quebecers in need by directly donating your deposit to Food Banks of Quebec.

Return your bottles to any of Quebec’s seven pilot projects

That’s right! All seven pilot projects accept ALL types of containers in the expanded deposit-return system, including wine and spirit bottles.
Find the pilot project nearest you.

Discover all the secrets of our pilot project at SAQ Dépôt Terrebonne.

Teamwork that makes us proud!

Deposit return FAQ

  • So, what’s a pilot project anyway?

    This pilot project is a kind of trial run for the expanded deposit-return system. It will let us:

    • measure citizens’ response
    • evaluate locations and equipment
    • acquire information needed to introduce an efficient expanded deposit-return system across Quebec.
  • Don’t you already charge and refund deposits on wine and spirits bottles?

    No, deposits are not currently charged for those types of container.

    For now, we’re trying to see what works and what doesn’t, so that in 2022 we’ll be able to unveil a system that Quebecers can be proud of.

  • What types of container can I return to other SAQ stores?

    Except for deposit-return beer bottles purchased at the SAQ, you can’t return containers to other SAQ stores.

  • What types of container can I return to the SAQ Dépôt Terrebonne?

    You can return containers made from aluminium, plastic or glass. 


  • What about my empty jam jars?

    Jars and the like are not included in the deposit-return system. You should continue putting them in your recycling bin or taking them to your municipality’s glass collection facility.

  • How do I donate my deposit to Food Banks of Quebec?

    To donate your refunded deposit to the FBQ, simply select the « Donation » option on the screen of the reverse vending machine when returning your containers.  


Still have questions?
Want to know where the other return locations are?

Visit (French only), the Website dedicated to the expanded deposit-return system.

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