Montreal, October 6, 2022 – The need for food assistance is more pressing than ever. Everyone involved in the fight against food insecurity has seen demand rise sharply in every region of Quebec. That is why the SAQ is encouraging its customers and all Quebecers to contribute to Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) between October 6 and 12, when the SAQ will donate a meal to the organization for each Origine Québec, Made in Québec and Bottled in Québec product it sells.

“While the rising cost of living affects everybody, it’s even harder on the vulnerable, who struggle to make ends meet and get enough to eat,” said Catherine Dagenais, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ. “In hard times like these, the FBQ plays an even more crucial role. Our teams across Quebec are once again mobilizing to support the FBQ’s extraordinary work. We’re counting on Quebecer’s usual sense of solidarity and community spirit to support food assistance and contribute to this campaign.”

“With the lingering effects of the pandemic and skyrocketing inflation, the FBQ has seen a dramatic 30% to 50% increase in requests in every region,” explained Martin Munger, Executive Director of Food Banks of Quebec. “Households are having to make impossible choices and are finding it harder and harder to pay for groceries. For the 13th year running, we have been fortunate to be able to count on the incredible support of the SAQ, its employees and its loyal customers to answer our call. On behalf of all our members and the 600,000 persons who receive assistance every month, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

During the campaign, customers will also be encouraged to make a donation at checkout in SAQ stores. In addition, online donations can be made at any time on the Food Banks of Quebec website.

Also, as is the case all year long, buying a gift bag or other packaging product from the SAQ remains an effective way to contribute to the cause. For each such product sold, a share of the related profit goes directly to the members of the FBQ network across Quebec.

Loyal support for 13 years and counting
The generosity of its customers and involvement of its 7,000 employees have enabled the SAQ to channel more $14 million into the FBQ network since 2009. The funds are used not only to meet the requests for assistance that the FBQ receives but also to support projects to acquire the equipment needed to carry out its mission. The SAQ is proud to be the FBQ’s leading financial partner.

An episode of the podcast Sous le bouchon dedicated to Food Banks of Quebec

In order to better understand the issues related to food aid and the importance of the activities carried out by the FBQ, an entire episode of the SAQ podcast, Sous le Bouchon, gives the floor to Martin Munger, General Manager of Food Banks of Quebec, Élaine Coté, General Manager of Moisson Québec, and Armand Kayolo, General Manager of Moisson Outaouais. This podcast kicks off this campaign and goes live today here.

About the Food Banks of Quebec network
The Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) network is present throughout Quebec with it 19 Moisson and other regional members. They supply nutritious foodstuffs to 1,200 affiliated community organizations that provide food assistance to more than 600,000 persons a month. Since 1988, the FBQ has allowed resources, expertise and information to be pooled to fight food insecurity and alleviate hunger among vulnerable populations.