Montreal, May 12, 2022 – The SAQ has completed its first fundraising campaign of 2022 for Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ). From May 5 to 11, in SAQ stores and on SAQ.COM, customers were encouraged to buy Origine Québec, Made-in-Québec and Bottled-in-Québec products and to make a donation at checkout. Topping up the total from the campaign are the proceeds from the year-round sale of gift wrappings and carrying bags on behalf of the FBQ. All told, the initiatives amassed $980 571 for the FBQ, funds that will be used to help people in need across Quebec.

Customers care about the food security cause
Catherine Dagenais, the SAQ’s President and Chief Executive Officer, is keen to offer her sincere thanks to all customers who took part in the campaign. “As always, our customers answered the call! Through their contributions, they provide invaluable support to those unfortunately forced to rely on food assistance to meet their needs. I also want to recognize the exceptional work of our in-store teams, who do so much to make these campaigns a success.”

Loyal support for 13 years
The generosity of its customers and involvement of its 7,000 employees have enabled the SAQ to channel more $14 million into the FBQ network since 2009. The funds are used not only to meet the requests for assistance that the FBQ receives but also to support projects to acquire the equipment needed to carry out its mission. The SAQ is proud to be the FBQ’s leading financial partner.

About Food Banks of Quebec
The Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) network is now more than 30 years old. Its 19 Moisson regional food banks and 13 Associate Members across Quebec and 1,200 affiliated community organizations handle more than 1.9 million requests for food assistance a month. The FBQ network allows resources, expertise and information to be pooled to better support vulnerable people in need and to do so equitably across the province.