This latest addition joins our existing family of taste tags, which also includes wine, fine spirit, and more recently, gin taste tags. Discover these six new taste tags and find out which work best for your favourite cocktails!

Fruity and light

Milder rums with subtle fruity aromas. Extremely versatile, they’re an excellent choice for novices and as a base for cocktails.

Product categories: White rum

Fruity and aromatic

Rums made of pure sugarcane juice and grand arôme-style rums. Powerful and complex, they display aromas that can evoke exotic fruit, the ocean breeze, or even marked vegetal notes.

Product categories: White rhum agricole, grand arôme-style rum

Woody and spicy

Dry rums with hints of oak. Their woody notes add a soft, spicy character to a round, accessible, versatile whole.

Product categories: Dark rum, rhum agricole


Woody and roasted

Dry rums with pronounced roasting flavours. Brought on by barrels with a higher char level or prolonged aging, these aromas call to mind coffee, cacao, smoke, or burnt wood. Powerful and aromatic, they’re perfect for cocktails with character.

Product categories: Dark rum, rhum agricole

Vanilla and spicy

Mild and often flavoured, these rums offer a rich, captivating texture and hints of oak. Their notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, honey, or even maple pair particularly well with cola and coffee.

Product categories: Spiced rum

Vanilla and roasted

Mild rums with a rich, captivating texture, they stand out for their flavouring and for being barrel-aged with a higher char level. Their profile is rounded out with notes of cacao, mocha, smoke, or burnt wood.

Product categories: Spiced rum, dark rum

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