Turquoise jewelTurquoise jewel

Turquoise jewel


Seaside dreaming

Citrus liqueur plus rum instantly transports anyone to a gorgeous beach: white sand, palm trees, balmy breezes, lounging in the sun… Our Turquoise Jewel is the go-to cocktail for summer lovers everywhere! The secret is in the blue curaçao, which gives the drink its gorgeously irresistible colour.

Why curaçao?

This citrus liqueur is named for Curaçao, an island in the Netherlands Antilles that is home to the bitter orange known as bigarade. The citrus liqueur is made using this orange’s rind, but its blue colour is simply a colouring tactic often used in the food industry.

  1. Type of spirits : LiqueurFlavour : Citrus
    Marie Brizard Curaçao Bleu Citrus liqueur | 750 ml France
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Orange frostOrange frost

Orange frost



No other fruit says summer quite like coconut! This exotic fruit par excellence has recently become a foodie favourite ingredient for amateurs – but mixologists have been using it in their concoctions for years. Our Orange Frost recipe is summer in a glass: sunshine, relaxation and tropical notes are just around the corner!

From cocktails to cuisine

Coconut-flavoured rum beverage can be used in a wide array of cocktails, but it’s also great in the kitchen! Use it to make a dipping sauce for grilled shrimp, or to make a glaze for barbecue chicken. Or liven up old favourites: It’s delicious poured over vanilla ice cream, in smoothies, flans, clafoutis, cakes and fruit salads. Coconut-flavoured rum is a versatile spirit you should always have on hand!

  1. Type of spirits : LiqueurFlavour : Coconut
    Malibu Rum and coconut liqueur | 750 ml Canada , Ontario
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Summer lightningSummer lightning

Summer lightning


Full on fruit

Refreshing summer punch is a great option for entertaining friends over drinks. Our Summer Lightning punch combines vodka, citrus, rhubarb and cranberry juice – a unique mix of southern and northern flavours! Sparkling wine gives it pep, while the fruit lends a yummy tropical twist. A recipe that is sure to please all your guests!

  1. Taste tag : Fruity and vibrant
    Fiol Prosecco Sparkling wine | 750 ml Italy , Veneto
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To preserve this punch’s flavour and to avoid diluting it with the ice cubes, use giant ice cubes (made in muffin tins) instead of the usual small ones. And don’t make your punch too far in advance. Most important to remember: Don’t add the sparkling wine until you’re ready to serve it!



Blue lagoon

Fiji Martini

Piña latte


Photos: David De Stefano
Illustrations: Valérie Bertrand