The wine universe is vast and fascinating; it takes us to different corners of the world and introduces us to various talents and cultures.

Even without having major ambitions, it’s possible to acquire some knowledge while having fun. For example, you can simply vary the grape varieties (aka grapes) behind your bottle choices and compare their different profiles. It’s the very definition of fun learning, especially if you make an evening of it with a matching pairing and good company.

Here we offer you a little trip to the American West Coast with five cuvées featuring different grape varieties. While some wines are blends, the star grape variety dominates and the experience remains quite faithful and pleasant, we promise. Happy tasting!


Pinot Noir and grilled cheese with pork

Pinot noir owes its fame to the great wines of Burgundy. However, it is grown extensively elsewhere, including in the cool regions of California, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. It is usually the source of lighter wines with complex aromas of red fruits and spices, but its original terroir can give it a more marked personality.

Here the Californian sun and the addition of a touch of Petit Verdot to the dominant blend of Pinot give it a generous substance accentuated by the contact with oak. Totally supple! 


Chardonnay and mac & cheese

Renowned for generating some of the most coveted white wines in the world, Chardonnay originates from Burgundy, but has conquered several countries in the New World, including the United States (California) and Canada. It usually produces two very distinct styles: mineral and delicate with notes of almond and lemon, or more imposing with vanilla flavours and notes of fresh fruit and hazelnut.

Building on the success of their Pinot Noir on our market, Imagery does it again with a Chardonnay to which Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Muscat are added to complete the picture. Featuring an ample mouthfeel, it offers frank flavours of pear, apple and lime, all complemented by milky notes. 

Stefano Faita’s Macaroni and Cheese

Stefano Faita’s
Macaroni and Cheese

Preparation 25 minutes
Cooking 45 minutes
Servings 5



You could almost think that Zin grows exclusively in Californian soil, but in reality, it is also planted in Italy and Croatia under its original name: Primitivo. Zinfandel wines are usually robust and full-bodied and offer notes of jammy fruit and smoky, exotic spices. 

This full-bodied red seduces with its aromas of jammy fruit, leather, oak and spices. The palate is ample and offers flavours of black fruits, blackcurrant and toffee in a long finish. Lovers of more robust wines really enjoy it, according to the reviews.


Riesling and vegetarian curry

Riesling is one of the varieties that best transmits the richness of its terroir because it is very permeable to its soil. Although Germany and Alsace are the standard bearers of the grape variety, it has conquered some countries in the New World, such as the United States. Riesling wines are lively with good fullness and above all mineral notes.

Former manager of a rock band, Charles Smith designed this wine to accompany Asian dishes that have a “kick”. Kung Fu Girl is a 100% Riesling cuvée with notes of peaches and tangerines, balanced by a certain minerality and ample freshness.


Merlot and beef tartare with cocoa

Did you know that Merlot is the most common grape variety in the Bordeaux region? It is often used in blends, in France and elsewhere, and is appreciated for its flexibility and roundness. It is attributed with aromas of red fruits such as plum and fig.

Aromatic and supple, this cuvée is mainly composed of Merlot with some Zinfandel. It offers aromas of jammy berries, woody notes, plum and vanilla.

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