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5 results
  1. Tractor in an orchard

    Unfiltered cider: Cloudy and tasty

    The growing trend surrounding natural wines seems to wrap its curiosity around cloudy ciders, too. Priding a back-to-basics approach to fully let the raw material express its true nature while innovating in techniques and product, cloudy cider is gaining in popularity, fans and notoriety.

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  2. Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    We take a closer look at this globally loved product, perfect for celebrating the holidays.

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  3. Quebec ciders: a mouth-watering diversity

    Quebec ciders

    The first cider producers in Quebec go back to... New France. We owe them to Norman settlers, for whom production was a common thing. The first orchards were planted in Québec City and Île d’Orléans, followed by the Sulpicians in Montreal. 

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  4. Québec cheeses and complementary pairings

    Cheese pairings: Try something new!

    Hosting a wine-and-cheese-themed evening is always a sure-fire success! For a modern take on a cheese tray, seek out Québec cheeses and complementary pairings that stray a bit from the beaten path.

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  5. Michel Jodoin

    An apple tale

    From four generations of an apple-growing dynasty in Rougemont, Michel Jodoin has taken the best of the apple and bottled it, at a time when cider was considered the bottom of the barrel. An interview with a cider maker who’s as visionary as he is ambitious.

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