A season of colour and harvests, autumn has its fair share of festivities. Year after year, we never tire of going apple picking! As soon as the cooler weather arrives, gently whisking summer away, the orchards welcome families, couples, and friends for a fun and relaxing activity.

In addition to the annual harvest, another great fall activity is to visit the local cideries, where you can enjoy a tasting and bring a few bottles home. A new essential for happy hours all year long, local cider is all the rage and naturally goes well with all apple-based recipes.

Now, it's time to grab your aprons, as we have two original fall recipes that offer something different from the traditional (albeit delectable!) pies and crisps. To the kitchen!

Cider-braised pork

To warm up the soul when the temperature drops, we love this cider-braised pork recipe, which melts in your mouth and reveals delicious apple aromas. Quebec cider is in the spotlight here, both in the glass and on the plate, as we also suggest a few pairings that are sure to delight your guests.

Suggested pairings

Baked Apples

The second recipe is dedicated to those with a sweet tooth and makes the star of the season shine from A to Z: baked apples with vanilla ice cream and cider coulis. Consider picking up a few yellow apples (or any other variety that lends itself well to baking) at your next ice cider harvest.

Suggested pairings