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A passion for apples and entrepreneurship

Cidrerie Milton's owner Marc-Antoine Lasnier is making sure the fridges are well-stocked.


A passion for apples and entrepreneurship

At the heart of Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton is an orchard teeming with life—Cidrerie Milton. Fourth-generation owner Marc-Antoine Lasnier is the one steering this impressive outfit that continues to surprise and delight us.

Published on July 18, 2023

This spirited young entrepreneur is also president of Quebec’s cidermakers association and has a clear vision for his own cider house. He exemplifies a passion for business, his ancestors’ history and a commitment to the cider industry in Quebec.

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As soon as I stepped foot into the store, I was enveloped by the sweet aroma of warm apples. It reminded me of when my grandmother would bake apple pies at the first sign of cold weather, right when the leaves started to change colour. 

Established in 1927 in Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton, Cidrerie Milton is an inspiring, world-renowned leader in the cider industry. Thanks to four generations of artisans with relentless drive and unparalleled savoir faire, they’ve been able to preserve traditional practices for growing apples.

Cidrerie Milton’s products strike a delicate balance between traditional and modern practices that are refined and in keeping with the times. While Quebec is relatively new to the commercial production of cider, Marc-Antoine believes that it’s essential to draw inspiration from artisans around the world who’ve been perfecting this art form for a very long time.

As I toured the production facility, I quickly noted how easily Marc-Antoine puts his love into creating a product that keeps getting better and better. 

In his travels, he learned about the underestimated genetic potential of apples and noticed significant differences in the flavour of Quebec’s various ciders. So, he decided to cultivate and test new varieties in order to craft innovative products. The Rubinette cider is one of the results of these experiments.

Another thing that makes Cidrerie Milton special is the great care they take at every step of the fermentation process. This diligence was passed down by Robert Denoy, a major cider producer from Europe who immigrated to Quebec and become Marc-Antoine’s mentor. 

« I was very fortunate to have excellent support and learn from the best. »

- Marc-Antoine Lasnier, Cidrerie Milton's owner

Whether you want to taste some superb products at the cider bar, savour a delicious meal at the bistro or spend an afternoon picking apples in the orchard, your time at Cidrerie Milton will be everything you hoped for. 

At the end of my visit, I headed to the bistro’s patio to enjoy one of their apple musts with a tuna and apple salad, enraptured by the gorgeous view of blossoming apple trees and the Monteregian Hills.

5, route 137
Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton QC  J0E 2C0

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