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Vignoble Coteau Rougemont


Coteau Rougemont: A dream come true

Coteau Rougemont Vineyard and Cidery embodies a passion for Quebec wines that has stood the test of time. Majestically overlooking the Montérégie region, it offers an authentic experience and breathtaking views. A vision of perseverance that became a reality.

Published on July 18, 2023

Perched on a mountainside and surrounded by orchards, Coteau Rougemont is the result of a heritage that took root over generations. In the heart of this sunny countryside, a vineyard emerged—a proud symbol of a family’s ambition and their love of local wine.

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“Everything started with Rosario Robert, my grandfather. As he drove by in his truck, he would stop regularly to admire this breathtaking view, which he considered to be the most beautiful in Quebec. His dream was to buy this orchard, own the land and fully enjoy the view of the Monteregie’s mountains,” said Isabelle Robert. 

It was some time later that Rosario’s son, Claude, and his family decided to bring this family project to life. They became the guardians of this precious legacy, giving rise to the Coteau Rougemont Vineyard.

“One afternoon on the patio, an idea took root in our minds: why not plant grapevines?” said Isabelle, Claude’s daughter. “And just like that, from that conversation, we dove headfirst into this adventure. Although we were starting from scratch, quality and craftsmanship were our fundamental values. That’s why we surrounded ourselves with experts from the very beginning. They taught us the art of planting, maintaining and pruning the vines.”

At every crossroad, when it came time to decide whether to plant apple trees or grapevines, the choice was clear. Little by little, some of the apple trees yielded their place to the vines. “We started with Chardonnay, the grape variety we patiently learned to grow over the years and that has given us the high-quality product we have today.”

Despite being a newer vineyard, Coteau Rougemont has risen quickly on the Quebec winemaking scene. The family is very proud of their products, which reflect their passion and dedication.

“My father, Claude, was truly an entrepreneur at heart. He always aspired to do a bit more every year. Over the years, he passed this entrepreneurial spirit on to us, as well as the desire to always do better and to stay open to changes in the market. The consumer is at the heart of our product development. It’s important for us to offer products that we like and that reflect who we are, but we’re also open to the changing tastes of our customers. We’ve always adapted by looking for solutions, without being afraid to question ourselves and adjust accordingly. Beyond our products, being able to provide a quality experience is vital to us,” said Isabelle.

In fact, you can try their wines with delicious cheese and sausage on site, while enjoying the vineyard’s relaxing atmosphere.

Coteau Rougemont is so much more than just a vineyard. It’s the result of a vision and dogged determination.

“Each parcel of vine planted is a testimony to our commitment to this land that has inspired us so much. It’s a symbol of perseverance, passion and the will to turn a vision into reality.”

- Isabelle Robert, owner Vignoble Coteau Rougemont

1105, rang La Petite-Caroline
Rougemont QC  J0L 1M0

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