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Espace cocktail

Des cocktails pour tous les goûts

Explorez l'univers fascinant des cocktails et des spiritueux grâce à une foule de recettes variées et apprenez-en plus sur les tendances actuelles en consultant nos articles.

8 results
  1. Fresh - Cocktail Predictions for 2023

    Cocktail Predictions for 2023

    Fresh is a new series of articles that explores the latest trends in the world of wine and spirits. For our second issue, we looked at cocktail trends for the coming year.

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  2. Patrice Plante, monsieur cocktail

    Behind the bar for the holidays with Patrice Plante

    Patrice Plante was an unlikely candidate for becoming one of Québec’s most prolific mixologists. And yet in just a few years he’s contributed to revolutionizing the business. Here’s a spotlight on the ambitious career of a cocktail creator.

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  3. Maple in your glass

    Local holiday libations

    Impress your guests this holiday season with our three merry-and-bright cocktail recipes, made with 100% local spirits.

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  4. chic choc rhum noir cocktail

    Ungava Spirits Co.: Exceptional local products

    Ungava gin and Coureur des bois maple cream are certainly among the star spirits made in Québec. Proud creator of both—and other classics including Chic Choc rum—Ungava Spirits Co. has launched a few new labels you’ll be happy to discover!

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  5. Three iced cocktails proudly from Quebec.

    Three proudly Quebec cocktails

    Finally! The time has come to sit back under the sun and sip on iced cocktails! For a refreshing preview of your summer vacation, try our local cocktails featuring local ingredients and spirits. Colourful and festive drinks, perfect for raising a glass to some of Quebec’s incredible products!

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  6. shandy drinks with apples

    For the love of shandy!

    Shandy—you know, that barely boozy blend of beer and lemonade—is back with a vengeance. Here’s everything you need to know and more about this throwback cocktail.

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  7. A cocktail drawing

    A made in Quebec Vermouth

    Long associated with the kind of aperitif that our grandparents enjoyed, vermouth has seen renewed interest in the past few years.

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  8. Fizzy cocktails

    Fizzy cocktails

    Holiday season is the best time of the year for enjoying Champagne and sparkling wine. Festive and chic, sparkling drinks served as an aperitif or for toasting the new year set the tone, plunging guests into the celebratory spirit.

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