1.­ Holidays bubbles

With its beautiful golden colour and flavours of almonds, blackcurrant and citrus, this elegant cocktail will charm your guests.

Holiday bubbles cocktailHoliday bubbles cocktail
  1. Holiday Bubbles
    Almond liqueur (amaretto-like)
    Black currant liqueur
    Sparkling wine / champagne

2. Rasptini

Nothing says Christmas like this red cocktail featuring sparkling wine, raspberry and citrus.

Rasptini cocktailRasptini cocktail
  1. Rasptini
    Raspberry-flavoured vodka
    Citrus liqueur
    Sparkling wine / champagne

3.­ Aristocrat

Give your gathering a royal air with this herbaceous cocktail. It’s a sure bet for pleasing gin-lovers!

Aristocrat cocktailAristocrat cocktail
  1. Aristocrat
    Dry gin
    Sparkling wine / champagne

4.­ Christmas star

Pomegranate and starfruit season is in full swing—here’s a cocktail highlighting these captivating flavours.

Christmas star cocktailChristmas star cocktail
  1. Christmas Star
    Apple-flavoured vodka
    Sparkling wine / champagne

5.­ Bellini

Everyone loves a Bellini! Venice’s iconic cocktail offers peachy flavours that are perfect for serving a crowd at brunch. If you don’t have time to make your own peach purée, just pick up a commercially made peach nectar.

Bellini cocktailBellini cocktail
  1. Bellini
    Sparkling wine / champagne

Three bubblies perfect for cocktails

To create effervescent cocktails, choose sparkling wines marked with the taste tag fruity and vibrant. Since they are on the dry side, these wines create balance in sparkling liquor-based cocktails.

Choose affordable sparkling wines, since trying to impress your guests with a refined Champagne will only result in the fine wine’s subtle aromas being camouflaged by the other cocktail ingredients.

Here are three ideal possibilities for cocktail-ready sparkling wines, available at practically all SAQ outlets:

An organic option that’s always a crowd-pleaser!

  1. Taste tag : Fruity and vibrant
    Parés Baltà Cava Brut Sparkling wine | 750 ml Spain , Côte Méditerranéenne
    AvailableOnline AvailableIn store

This sparkling wine from Luxembourg suits any occasion!

  1. Taste tag : Fruity and vibrant
    Bernard-Massard Cuvée de L'Écusson Brut Sparkling wine | 750 ml Luxembourg , Moselle
    AvailableOnline AvailableIn store

An economical classic!

  1. Taste tag : Fruity and vibrant
    Hungaria Grande Cuvée Brut Sparkling wine | 750 ml Hungary
    AvailableOnline AvailableIn store

Discover other Champagne and sparkling wine suggestions for the holidays at SAQ.com