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  1. Patrice Plante, Monsieur Cocktail

    Monsieur Cocktail presents the Centennial!

    In celebration of the SAQ’s 100th, the prolific and talented mixologist Patrice Plante, Monsieur Cocktail, created a festive cocktail that’s 100% local!

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  2. Maple-flavoured alcoholic beverages.

    Maple: From dish to drink

    Beyond syrup, maple-based liqueurs, wines, cream beverages and other spirits derived from the famous tree have become the delight of mixologists and adventurous amateurs alike.

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  3. Bring-your-own-bottle sugar shacks

    Bring-your-own-bottle sugar shacks

    At long last, it’s maple time! Looking for a bring-your-own-bottle sugar shack but not sure how to pick the right one from among Quebec’s vast choices? We have some unforgettable addresses for you!

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  4. Bucket of maple water

    Maple and wine

    It’s hard to choose wines to bring to a sugar shack. Here are a few thoughts on how to match wines with slightly sweet dishes featuring maple flavours.

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  5. Maple Water cocktail, made with vodka and maple whisky liqueur.

    Maple on the menu

    Why not shake things up a bit this Easter and organize a combination sugar-shack-plus-traditional-Sunday-brunch event? Combining these two springtime traditions makes for an original get-together highlighting all the delights of maple sugar season!

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