5 Maple cocktails for toasting the start of spring!

The first rays of spring sunshine mean it’s time to get the folding chairs and tables out of storage and invite over family, friends and neighbours for a homemade sugar shack experience! Be sure to dress warmly and offer a maple sugar–themed menu for both food and drinks.

Photo: Marie Charest

Photo: Marie Charest

The Quebec Royal

Here’s a cocktail recipe featuring a made-in-Quebec ingredient: maple syrup! Dress up your house like a sugar shack to add a bit of ambience and allow your guests to serve themselves buffet-style.

  1. The Quebec Royal
    Black currant liqueur
    Sparkling cider

Photo: Marie Charest

Maple Water

Don’t let its fun look fool you: This is a serious drink combining vodka and maple whisky liqueur. Great for hard liquor lovers who don’t like their alcohol drowned in fruity mixers!

  1. Maple Water
    Maple liqueur

Photo: Marie Charest

Maple Mojito

Give this classic cocktail a new spring-like twist by exchanging the simple syrup for maple syrup!

Cocktail tip: Expecting a lot of guests? Make a large amount in a punch bowl or fancy beverage dispenser.

Find the punchbowl-sized Maple Mojito recipe in SAQ.COM

Photo: Marie Charest

Maple iced coffee

Why wait for summer to enjoy a delicious iced coffee? Easy to make, this recipe for Maple Iced Coffee combines maple cream, milk and coffee to great effect.

  1. Maple iced coffee
    Maple-flavoured cream

Photo: Marie Charest

Quebec Mimosa

A redo of a classic you’ll never get tired of. This delicious mix of sparkling wine and maple whisky is perfect for accompanying sugar shack–style recipes.

  1. Quebec Mimosa
    Maple liqueur
    Sparkling wine / champagne

Brunch menu

Photo: Marie Charest

  • Maple-and-Beer-Glazed Ham
  • Brie With Maple Syrup, Apples and Walnuts
  • Sautéed-Vegetable Frittata With Coureur des Bois Ham and Bacon
  • Spinach, Strawberry, Pecan and Goat Cheese Salad With Maple Vinaigrette
  • Whisky-and-Maple-Glazed Salmon
  • Pudding Chômeur in a Verrine

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