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reused cardboard!

Sustainable development

Goodbye bubble wrap, hello reused cardboard!

If you’re one of our customers who shop at SAQ.COM, you’ve probably said to yourself: “What the heck is this?” when you opened your package in the past few months. It’s our new packaging to protect your bottles from damage during delivery.

Published on April 14, 2022

Importing bottles means importing cardboard boxes.
It’s the packaging that all bottles of wine and spirits arrive to us in.
While we know that cardboard can be recycled, we decided to find a second life for it.

reused cardboardreused cardboard
reused cardboardreused cardboard
reused cardboardreused cardboard

An Australian cardboard “gown” to dress up
your Italian wine!

Cardboard boxes from all over the world now go through the wrapping process to be clad in the cardboard mesh that you now find in your packages.

Goodbye bubble wrap* ! 

The next time you receive an online order, you can tell yourself that your wine is protected by a cardboard “gown” that comes from France, Australia or California. And don’t forget to put it in the recycling bin! 

*We limit the use of bubble wrap as much as possible and reserve its use for certain applications, including the shipping of bottles purchased by lottery. 

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