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IT and wine, a surprising match


IT and wine, a surprising match

“There’s zero connection between information technology and wines and spirits.” Don’t be fooled! As in many industries, IT is one of the unsung heroes behind the merchandising and selling of these products unlike any other.

Published on February 1, 2024

Each week, when they buy a bottle to share with family and friends over a meal, millions of Quebecers benefit from technology systems and infrastructure managed by IT professionals. The technology is also used daily by more than 7,000 SAQ employees across Quebec.

IT is everywhere at the SAQ. Its many uses include:

  • Personalizing our advisory service based on customers’ taste, for example with the Inspire program
  • Supporting a state-of-the-art online retail environment with SAQ.COM and the SAQ mobile app
  • Managing inventories in the SAQ’s warehouses
  • Making transactions possible online and in more than 400 stores
  • Optimizing business intelligence
  • Contributing to the employee experience
  • Supporting administrative operations
  • And even more!

A team of more than 100 committed IT professionals works every day in a stimulating and flexible environment.
“We have access to a wide range of IT projects with an interesting level of complexity. The diversity of applications, processes, devices and technology innovations is surprising – there’s something for everyone and there are always new challenges to take on!” - Nathalie Gasser, Assistant Director, Administration Applications

“There’s a lot going on! The shift to omnichannel has changed everything in IT. It’s really stimulating! You have to be curious and open to change, to enjoy solving problems and being a team player. It’s kind of like being on a hockey team. Collaboration is a core value in IT, as it is everywhere else in the company.” - Marc-André Geoffroy, Assistant Director, User Environment

“After working for more than 20 years in information technology in the private sector, I said to myself: ‘Why not offer my experience to the province that’s taken me in?’ I feel fulfilled with super interesting projects and implementing new technology. What’s more, I’m giving back to the society that welcomed me. It’s a real source of pride for me!” - Jorge Diaz, Analyst, Data Management

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