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Domaine des Salamandres


Domaine des Salamandres: Authenticity in a bottle!

Domaine des Salamandres is located in Montérégie, in the lovely orchard-rich town of Hemmingford. Surrounded by pear trees and grapevines, Sylvain and Denise welcomed me to their little piece of paradise with the same passion you can taste in their products.

Published on April 26, 2023

How it all began

Sylvain and Denise settled in Hemmingford in the early 2000s, in the property adjacent to the current vineyard. Initially, their plan was to have a cow or two and maybe a few other animals, as well as some vines. A deal was soon struck with their neighbour—they were allowed to use a portion of his land to cultivate grapes in exchange for a few bottles of wine. Years passed, the vines grew, and finally the couple was offered the chance to buy the property next door and take their plan to the next level. 

Today, in addition to the 8,000 Vidal, Geisenheim, Seyval Blanc, Frontenac Rouge and Frontenac Gris plants, four varieties of pear fill their orchard: Flemish Beauty, Bosc, D’Anjou and Bartlett. From the moment we arrived, the endless rows of vines and little path through the pear trees beckoned us to continue the visit—especially with the promise of a delightful tasting at the end!

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Pure passion

While chatting with Sylvain, I quickly realized how much care and attention he puts into the entire process—from vine to bottle. As I sampled the various products, I discovered clear, authentic flavours that didn’t taste overly processed and retained the essence of the grape and the pear.

During my discussions with Sylvain and Denise, who practice mindful agriculture and natural winemaking without overextraction, it was apparent to me that respecting the environment and taking care to create the purest possible products were top priorities for them. 

I also learned that the couple’s love for grapes and pears has proved beneficial. When the vines suffer a bad season due to the weather, the pears and their products can pick up the slack—and vice versa. For the owners of Domaine des Salamandres, cultivating their passion for wine while distinguishing themselves through their unique pear-based products is the best of both worlds.

The pear and so much more

With their sweet and fruity aromas, all the pear products—from Mistelle to pear wine—are marvellous as an aperitif with a cheese platter, but would also go beautifully with a variety of desserts.

The tasting continued with various orange wines and the whites made with Vidal and Geisenheim grapes. These top-shelf wines pair perfectly with sushi, a great piece of fish and other light dishes.

My trip to Domaine des Salamandres was not only a wonderful gastronomic experience, but also a lovely visit filled with conversations and contemplation in an enchanting setting. I recommend all of their products, especially the orange wines. This vineyard is more than worth the trip!

Domaine des Salamandres

196 Chemin de Covey Hill

Hemmingford (Québec) J0L 1H0


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