The perfect pairing

Pairings and Taste Tags

The perfect pairing

Friends have arrived, and generously brought wines and beer to share. To best savour your bottles, here is our guide for perfect pairings all meal long.

Published on October 20, 2020

1. Aperitifs

Fresh cheese bites or dips featuring herbs are a perfect pairing for wines with the Delicate and Light taste tag, as are white and blond beer with finesse.

Before-dinner bites of seafood or fish are simply delicious with wines from the Fruity and Vibrant category. White and blond beer are also a great choice!


2. First course

Cold first courses, such as pizza or charcuterie, are marvellous matched with Fruity and Light red wines. More into beer? Choose blond beer with floral and herbal notes.

Warm first courses like melted brie are best paired with Aromatic and Mellow wines, and blond beer that are thirst-quenching and round.


3. Main course

If white meat is on the menu for your main course, Fruity and Medium-Bodied red wines, or red beer with fruity and spicy notes, are winning combinations.

Serving a burger for your main? Choose from among the wines with the Aromatic and Supple taste tag, or a beer with spicy and toasted notes.

Is red meat on the menu? Peruse the Aromatic and Robust taste-tag group for your perfect pairing, or choose a savoury brown or black beer.

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