New Zealand Central Otago


New Zealand Central Otago

A beautiful winemaking region to discover!

Published on October 14, 2020

Very Southerly

The Central Otago region hosts New Zealand—and the world’s—southernmost wineries. To the east are the country’s version of the Alps, and vines are able to take advantage of this impressive elevation and quality soil.

Wine ‘rush’

Much like California, Central Otago was a part of the XIXth century gold rush that in the 1990s became the ‘wine rush’. Since 1996 the number of vineries in the region has grown from 11 to close to 80—and wine production itself has increased five-fold.

Cool and moderate

With its insular location and place in the very south of the Southern Hemisphere, the region has a cool climate that lends itself to Pinot Noir. That very grape variety represents 70% of vines, followed remotely by Riesling and Pinot Gris. Pinto Noirs from Otago are exuberant, very aromatic yet nonetheless elegant.

Small but impressive

Even though Otago accounts for a mere 2.4% of New Zealand’s wine production, its wines are renown on the international market. Otago wines have earned this excellent and exclusive reputation due to their limited production output that focuses on quality above all else.

If you’re visiting Otago, don’t miss your chance to see the arrestingly beautiful Lake Wanaka. In this photo, crystalline waters lap the shores of the Rippon Vineyard.

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