The summer solstice, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and daylight hours last the longest, arrives each year on or around June 21. It’s summertime’s official overture

Staying in step, you might turn to refreshing rosés and crisp, salty whites that tempt you time and again into reaching for your glass. Try these wines as aperitifs at home or at a party with friends.

aperitifs at home or at a party with friendsaperitifs at home or at a party with friends

Greece, of course

I’ll never tire of Assyrtiko, and I’d be more than happy to have it as a cocktail every day. The island of Santorini has left an indelible mark on my memory. With each sip of Assyrtiko from the Argyros Estate, I see centuries-old vineyards in my mind’s eye, feel the sea breeze and the sun’s heat on my face. It feels as if a healthy dose of vitamin D had penetrated my skin. If not a vitamin, it’s surely a wine to drink by itself as an aperitif or to pair with an exquisite fish or seafood dish.

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    Argyros Atlantis 2019 White wine | 750 ml Greece
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Chablis, please!

Speaking of saltiness, enjoying a good Chablis by the lake is pretty much everything you could possibly wish for on a hot summer’s day. Despite its name, there’s really no “thunder” about this lively Chardonnay. Instead, it exudes citrus and white-flower aromas with a little minerality thrown in.

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    Château de Maligny Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre 2019 White wine | 750 ml France , Bourgogne
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Yes to Jura

Chardonnays from this northeastern region of France have plenty of oomph and freshness, perfect for subtle sipping. The Crémant Brut Sauvage from the same estate is another winner.

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    Domaine Baud Côtes du Jura Cuvée Flor 2018 White wine | 750 ml France , Jura
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