Mother’s Day arrives every year, bringing with it the freshness of spring and the perfect occasion to unite with the whole family. It’s the time to celebrate life . . . and the woman who gave it to you! This year, why not skip the traditional bouquet of flowers and offer Mom a bouquet of bottles instead? Here are a few suggestions of floral wines that are perfect for this special day.

With a nose abounding with white fruit and flowers, this intriguing Australian blend pairs wonderfully with sushi. As an added bonus, its colourful label will look delightful on the table next to your delicious morsels!

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    D'Arenberg The Stump Jump 2018 White wine | 750 ml Australia , Australia
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Is your mom a lover of bubbly? Well then offer her a Quebec gem: Coteau Rougemont, a delicious sparkling flavoured cider. Its raspberry rose tint seduces and its crisp acidity explodes in the mouth, exuding a bouquet of vibrant aromas. Serve it chilled with brunch, or enjoy a glass of it as you flip through the family photo album, reminiscing with the gang. Your mom’s laughter, a comforting sound you wish you could record and keep forever, and a glass of cider… a moment of pure happiness.


  1. Flavour : Raspberry
    Origine Québec
    Coteau Rougemont Bulles Rosé Framboise Sparkling cider | 750 ml Canada , Quebec
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“La Cuisine de ma Mère” vintage—is there a more appropriate wine to celebrate Mum?! This is a 100% Carbernet Franc that’s easy drinking, and everyone loves that!


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    Nicolas Grosbois La Cuisine de ma Mère 2019 Red wine | 750 ml France , Vallée de la Loire
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Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect bottle to buy for the bubbly mom in your life, the one who is always brimming with energy (especially since she retired!), you can’t go wrong with Pommery Pop. Thank her for her years of tender love and care with a bottle of champagne . . . she deserves it!

  1. Taste tag : Aromatic and mellow
    Pommery Pop Champagne | 200 ml France , Champagne
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No matter what time of the day, create the perfect Mother’s Day ambience by playing the famous song by Luis Mariano, Maman la plus belle du monde, raising your glass and toasting all the mothers in your life with one of these delicious floral wines!