The aroma of this Chinese fruit is fairly intense, and litchi liqueur has quite a strong taste. So you can serve it in a very small quantity to add flavour to your cocktail.

Think of London Lemonade, which highlights the acidic, citrus taste of lemonade and the complex aromas of dry gin. A touch of litchi will give it an elegant, exotic flavour. You can also serve this liqueur on ice, mixed with club soda, tonic water or a sparkling citrus soda. Simple, easy and refreshing!

  • The daring among you can make a smoothie with litchi accents: fresh fruits in the blender, a little orange juice and some litchi liqueur, and you’re all set!
  • You can also use litchi liqueur in your cooking: a touch of litchi liqueur lends quite a flair to a fruit salad. However, remember to use it sparingly. You can