Premixed cocktails: Find your perfect match

Discover the fresh new flavours of the summer’s premixed cocktails for all your unforgettable moments. At your 5 à 7, picnic, cottage or virtual get-together, premixed cocktails are uncomplicated and uberconvenient. Low-sugar, low-calorie or gluten-free— there’s a mix to match every preference!

 Ready to pop open some fun? Here are four great options.

Yummy raspberry

Gluten-free White Claw Hard Seltzer blends seltzer water and a hint of fruit with an alcohol base. The brand has expanded its super trendy palette, which includes mango and black cherry, to add a new spring classic: raspberry! With only 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories in each 355-ml can, White Claw is the perfect option for those who want to keep things light and sparkling—a sure-fire hit at your next picnic or outdoor event!

The classic that never goes out of style

Like to keep things spicy? We’ve got something for you: Mott’s Clamato in its newest iteration, Sriracha! Yes, the red sauce made from chili paste that perks up every dish. Enjoy the same delicious Caesar you love with just a bit of heat. Traditionalists may prefer their Clamato cocktails with olives, pickles, a dash of Worcestershire or Tabasco and some celery salt, but Mott’s Sriracha is for those who like a premixed cocktail option with a spicy twist for a weekend camping trip or quick jaunt to the cottage. If Mott's Clamato Caesar Extra Spicy has been your go-to premixed cocktail of choice, you’ll love this new release. And if spicy foods aren’t your thing, we recommend you try it anyway. Spicing up your life is never a bad thing!

Fruit cocktail

Here’s another premixed cocktail that’s ideal for summer. Smirnoff Vodka & Soda Raspberry is sugar-free and only 90 calories per can. It offers a light raspberry and rosé flavour with a crisp and bubbly finish, and doesn’t skimp on flavour. Best served in the sunshine. Summer, no compromise!

New twist on the spritz

Romeo’s Gin has reinvented the classic spritz with an unexpected blend of gin and blood orange and rhubarb soda. Known for its collaborations with artists, the brand teamed up with Canadian-French creative MEKA to design the can. Like Romeo’s Gin Fizz Cucumber and Lemon and Romeo’s Gin + Tonic, this spritz is made from natural ingredients of the highest quality.

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In collaboration with Mark Anthony Brands Ltd, Diageo Canada, Groupe Dandurand and Canada Dry Mott's.