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Origine Québec identification

Origine Québec producers

Made with homegrown ingredients by local producers

Choosing Origine Québec means:


our very own distinctive products


the quality that comes from our expertise


the variety of our terroirs


passionate producers throughout Quebec

Photo credit : Vignoble Les Vents d'Ange

All Origine Québec articles

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  1. Fjord Distillery

    Fjord Distillery

    For the Bouchards, the creation of a distillery inspired by the boreal forest started with family tradition and a few secret stills.

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  2. Domaine Lafrance: Ciders, spirits, and sanitizer

    Domaine Lafrance: Ciders, spirits, and sanitizer

    Living in the country, surrounded by vines and fruit trees, doesn’t mean you’re disconnected from reality. At Domaine Lafrance, the beautiful copper still is now also being used to make hand sanitizer. Portrait of a distillery-cider house that stands in solidarity with its region.

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  3. Cidrerie Milton

    Comfort me with apples

    The Lasnier family have been growing apples for four generations, and Marc-Antoine Lasnier skilfully represents the fourth one. He crafts an array of apple ciders that are the pride of Cidrerie Milton.

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  4. Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    Quebec’s fabulous ice cider

    We take a closer look at this globally loved product, perfect for celebrating the holidays.

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  5. Les Vents d’Ange

    Les Vents d’Ange

    At Les Vents d’Ange, a vineyard located in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, the entire family is hard at work to offer the best wines and meet the growing demand.

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  6. Coteau Rougemont

    Keeping it local: Coteau Rougemont

    At Coteau Rougemont, the Robert family has created one of Quebec’s most important wineries.

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  7. Quebec’s white grape varieties

    Quebec’s white grape varieties

    Discover the five most popular white grape varieties grown in Quebec – just the right kind of refreshment to enjoy this weekend!

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  8. Local wines to your taste

    Local wines to your taste

    Many of you are looking to add local wines to your choices, and to your table. But what to choose?

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  9. Landscape showing a Quebec vineyard.

    Quebec wines take pride of place

    When you purchase Quebec wines, you’re supporting the local economy, all while choosing eco-friendly products. And also—they’re exceptional wines!

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  10. Yvan Quirion, the winey boss is smiling

    A family affair

    Quality wines, exceptional terroir, contagious passion and a family united around a shared project: Domaine St-Jacques. Yvan Quirion is proud to count on his family to help make one of Québec’s best vineyards shine!

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  11. hydromel


    Deeply rooted in tradition, honey wine (mead) has finally found its place in today’s cellars. Intermiel’s delectable nectars, in particular, have enjoyed front-row seats to this renewed need for mead. Here’s a look at the libation that will leave you wanting more.

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  12. Glasses of rosés from Quebec

    Seven rosés from Quebec to enjoy

    Rosés produced right here in Quebec are becoming even more numerous and even more popular. Have you tried them yet?

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