In 2007, the Robert family planted 3,500 Frontenac Gris vines. Today, that number has grown into the tens of thousands, making Coteau Rougemont one of Quebec’s biggest estates.

The vineyard lies on the southern side of Mont Rougemont, a spot that enjoys exceptionally generous sunlight, and its winemakers work with consultant oenologist, Benoit Giroussens.

The results speak for themselves: the estate’s wines and ciders have won numerous national and international awards.

Michel Robert points out that his sisters, Julie and Isabelle, as well as his father Claude, are also heavily involved

"We may not be winemakers, but our love for cultivating vines comes straight from the heart."

Michel Robert


In 2006, the Robert family purchased the estate—which included a vast orchard—from the Congregation of the Oblate Fathers. Originally from Rougemont, the Robert manages a transport company as well as a cidery. “Planting vines and producing wine seemed an obvious step for us,” confirms Michel Robert.


Making wines that will appeal to a wide variety of wine-lovers, which have the characteristics of quality products, and that reflect the location and the climate of where it comes from.

Very distinct land

The estate is on the site of the former Champlain Sea, and its sandy soils are perfect for Frontenac Gris or Vidal. The mountains have soil with schist and rocks that have been “worked with a pick and shovel,”; Chardonnay and Pinot Gris grapes also love the extraordinary amount of sunlight they get there.

Photography: Jean-François Lemire/Shoot Studio