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Wine and food pairings

What’s better than enjoying a great meal with a nice glass of wine? Which wine should you choose for a perfect pairing?  Wine and meal pairings aren’t that complicated! Explore our practical advice and taste tags, in order to get the perfect marriage every time. 

Paysage AlsacePaysage Alsace

Alsace, nice whites!

White wine is popular in Quebec again, and how fortunate for Alsace — it’s their speciality. With an age-old winemaking tradition, the region proposes an exceptional offering of grapes that spring forth from a dizzying variety of terroirs.

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktailsRosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

What is the best time of day to enjoy rosé? We suggest its best to toast with a glass of rosé over brunch, dinner and cocktail hour.

In the spotlight

Visuel Art de la tableVisuel Art de la table

The art of pairings

When getting ready to sit down for a meal, choosing the right wine can really make your culinary creations shine. Some basic pointers in the art of pairing can bring out hitherto undetected nuances in both your dishes and in your wine.

Discover your taste tags

For over 10 years, taste tags have been a simple and practical tool that allows you to easily find the wines, spirits and gins you'll love. Each tag is associated with a specific taste profile. Learn which type of product you prefer, then explore with confidence other products of the same profile. It’s that simple!

Our recipes

Get inspired by a ton of recipes, from appetizer to dessert. Whether you’re a fan of French, South American, Asian or other types of cuisine, we’ve got you covered, wine suggestions included!

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  1. Grand Sud rosé

    Grand Sud rosé: An eco-friendly treat

    Among the most popular rosés according to customer reviews, Grand Sud rosé is now offered in a new eco-friendly container integrating 25% recycled plastic. It's the perfect opportunify to discover or rediscover this delicious wine ideal as an aperitif and with a wide variety of dishes.

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  2. Head west to Washington State and Oregon

    Head west to Washington State and Oregon

    With vacation season in full swing, we’re feeling inspired by the picturesque West Coast landscapes for a little get away, even if just for dinner. We turn to the states of Washington and Oregon for quality, unpretentious wines, reflecting the coolness for which the two regions are renowned.

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  3. visuel Willm

    Three brilliant whites for your summer meals

    Thanks to its fine, racy wines, 120-year history, unique expertise and fondness for gastronomy, the Willm estate has won awards and praise from a loyal following. Discover three Willm wines for your table this summer.

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  4. A three-course meal with Indigenous chef Maxime Lizotte

    A three-course meal with Indigenous chef Maxime Lizotte

    Chef Maxime Lizotte of the Maliseet of Viger First Nation shares three meals you can make on the grill inspired by his Indigenous heritage. Read our interview to see what other projects the food—and culture—lover has on his plate.

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  5. Wine and sushi pairing guide
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Your guide to the best wine and sushi pairings

    This much-adored Japanese specialty deserves a wine that will bring out the flavours of each delectable roll.

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  6. Our suggestions to celebrate dad

    Our suggestions for celebrating dad

    To salute our heroic fathers who are always on hand to fix a leaky pipe, let's give them something that makes their day. Successful pairings, heart-warming gifts and, above all, quality time with their children. Here are a few ideas for honouring our dear dads.

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  7. Bernard-Massard

    An effervescent journey in Luxembourg

    In the heart of one of Europe's smallest countries, a tradition of sparkling wines is drawing greater attention. For your small and large celebrations, discover Luxembourg's wine production with the Bernard-Massard wine range.

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  8. Rhône Valley wine and flavours from abroad: 6 sunny pairings

    Rhône Valley wine and flavours from abroad: 6 sunny pairings

    Looking to spend your summer evenings in good company, with a food and wine pairing that will take your taste buds around the world? We have just the thing—here are 6 exceptional wines with a sunny French valley in their DNA, as well as a few dishes that are perfect for this time of year.

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  9. monther's day gift ideas

    A bouquet of floral wines for Mother’s Day

    Flowers are widely considered to be the go-to gift for Mother’s Day. But rather than give a bouquet that won’t last long, why not opt for a floral wine that tastes like spring?

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  10. The wine-and-cheese picnic playbook

    The wine-and-cheese picnic playbook

    On a bright, sunny day, everyone wants to come out and play. Why not get together for some wine and cheese? Here are some tips and tricks for planning an outdoor shindig, without breaking a sweat. On your mark, get set, picnic!

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  11. Because rosé and summer (and BBQ!) go hand in hand

    Because rosé and summer (and BBQ!) go hand in hand

    What’s the perfect wine in the summertime? No doubt about it, it’s rosé! And since you’re probably eager to bust out your BBQ (if you haven’t already), we have three wine suggestions that will go beautifully with grilled fare.

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  12. Here comes crab season

    Snow crab has arrived!

    If you have a craving for the world’s best crab, look no further than Quebec. The first warm sunny days of spring mark the start of snow crab season, setting the tone for the quintessential seafood feast. Find out how to choose your crab, cook it and pair it perfectly.

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