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Wine and food pairings

What’s better than enjoying a great meal with a nice glass of wine? Which wine should you choose for a perfect pairing?  Wine and meal pairings aren’t that complicated! Explore our practical advice and taste tags, in order to get the perfect marriage every time. 

Paysage AlsacePaysage Alsace

Alsace, nice whites!

White wine is popular in Quebec again, and how fortunate for Alsace — it’s their speciality. With an age-old winemaking tradition, the region proposes an exceptional offering of grapes that spring forth from a dizzying variety of terroirs.

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktailsRosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

What is the best time of day to enjoy rosé? We suggest its best to toast with a glass of rosé over brunch, dinner and cocktail hour.

In the spotlight

Visuel Art de la tableVisuel Art de la table

The art of pairings

When getting ready to sit down for a meal, choosing the right wine can really make your culinary creations shine. Some basic pointers in the art of pairing can bring out hitherto undetected nuances in both your dishes and in your wine.

Discover your taste tags

For over 10 years, taste tags have been a simple and practical tool that allows you to easily find the wines, spirits and gins you'll love. Each tag is associated with a specific taste profile. Learn which type of product you prefer, then explore with confidence other products of the same profile. It’s that simple!

Our recipes

Get inspired by a ton of recipes, from appetizer to dessert. Whether you’re a fan of French, South American, Asian or other types of cuisine, we’ve got you covered, wine suggestions included!

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  1. Lavish menu for a tight budget

    Lavish menu for a tight budget

    Hosting without breaking the bank is possible! Photographer and food stylist Émilie Gaillet offers us a gourmet and generous menu that's easy on the wallet.

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  2. California Holidays

    California holidays: Red, white and green!

    While we're still figuring out what to serve for entertaining family and friends this holiday season, why not sprinkle a little California sunshine into our gatherings? Here are some ideas for entertaining with white and red for a greener Christmas.

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  3. Ricasoli

    Ricasoli 1141: In the heart of Chianti

    For over 800 years, the Ricasoli family has been at the centre of the history of one of the world's most famous wines: Chianti. Follow us on a journey through the history and wines of the Ricasoli family.

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  4. Visuel grand format

    Large formats: More fun and savings combined!

    Practical and often economical, large format wines are perfect for your gatherings and really stand out on the dinner table. Discover our selection, their usefulness and great pairings for a successful holiday meal.

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  5. Visuel Batasiolo

    Beni di Batasiolo, in the heights of Piedmont

    The Dogliani family has been established in Piedmont for several generations. They have contributed to the popularity of the region's wines, which are now considered some of Italy's finest. Discover the wines of Beni di Batasiolo through some seasonal pairings.

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  6. Salle de dégustation

    Caymus-Suisun: The legacy continues

    Producing iconic wines year after year like Caymus Vineyards is quite an accomplishment. Consolidating their place at the top through innovation and the search for new terroirs is a clear demonstration of their commitment to excellence. Welcome to the Suisun Valley, the new promised land of the Wagner family.

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  7. 5 tips for well-honed taste buds
    Tasting and service

    5 tips for well-honed taste buds

    Sommelière and instructor Gabrielle Plastre offers her best tips to get your taste buds into shape and build up your wine tasting abilities.

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  8. Wine Il Falcone

    Puglia, land of wine and history

    Long in the shadow of Italy's great regions, Puglia is increasingly attracting attention thanks to its spectacular beach coastline, its gastronomy rooted in tradition and the quality of its wines. Follow us on this journey through the history, land and wines of Puglia.

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  9. Alsace

    The wines of Alsace, a scent of authenticity

    Alsace offers a variety of wines that are distinguished by their aromatic character and pleasant freshness. To discover all the different aspects of the Alsatian vineyard and to take full advantage of its wide range of wines, here are a few suggestions for pairings just in time for the season.

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  10. Umberto Cesari

    Umberto Cesari, from tradition to innovation

    Umberto Cesari first made a name for himself with his sangiovese blends in the style of the great French wines. But to keep such a loyal clientele over the years, it is necessary to know how to renew oneself. Discover this estate, between tradition and innovation.

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  11. Hakutsuru

    The hidden side of sake

    The variety of sakes available on our market allow them to be served to accompany different dishes and also to make cocktails. Discover the Hakutsuru range to add a touch of Japanese elegance to your evenings.

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  12. Provence

    Provence in rosé: Versatile and authentic

    From the blue of the sea lining the beaches of its coastline to the red of the Croisette in Cannes during the festival, it is in pink that Provence is the most beautiful. The birthplace of French viticulture, rosé has been produced here for over 2,600 years! Here is an overview and some gourmet suggestions.

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