Located in the heart of Tuscany, Chianti and Chianti Classico are certainly among the most famous appellations in the country. The first produces supple and delicious wines, with marked acidity and notes of red fruits. A super versatile profile at the table with pasta and anything tomato based. On the Classico side, wines are more full-bodied, intense and deep, with aromas of liquorice, tobacco and roasting. They are built for lasagna Bolognese and slow-cooked meaty dishes. In both cases, the wines of these appellations are welcome and expected for the season, like a cozy wool sweater that we can't wait to wear again. So, boohoo if the weather gets cold when you have good food and Chianti! And then bring on the rain, the new TV series are out. Other season, other pleasures. 

The little story of Rocca

Italo Zingarelli was a director and producer in the world of cinema who dreamed of owning a vineyard in the heart of the Chianti Classico appellation. Thanks to his success, he managed to acquire Le Macìe estate in 1973, at the time totalling 93 hectares. Lovingly restored and renamed Rocca delle Macie, the vineyard now covers over 500 hectares and is managed by his children, with his son Sergio at the helm of the operation. Located not far from the picturesque city of Siena and fabulous Florence, today the estate, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, welcomes wine and vine lovers in an enchanting setting for memorable visits and tastings.

If visiting is not in your near future, you can easily enjoy these wine and food pairings, perfectly suited for fall.


Chianti and Gnocchi 

A worthy representative of the appellation, this cuvée is mainly composed of Sangiovese. It offers an undeniable quality-price-pleasure ratio that is maintained year after year. Fruity and floral with a hint of spice, it also displays a beautiful suppleness which makes it an all-purpose wine. Wonderful with a wide variety of dishes. We propose a vegetarian delight marked with seasonality: mushroom gnocchi topped with (lots of!) parmesan.


Chianti Classico and Osso Buco 

This blend of Sangiovese, Colorino and Cabernet Sauvignon is aged for two years in French oak barrels, giving it flavours of dark fruit, plum, cherry, vanilla, spice and toasted oak. Aromatic and robust in profile, it is however well balanced and has a finish that lingers. Lots of goodness in sight with this osso bucco. 

More cuvées to discover 

Wishing you buon appetito and a lovely fall season! et un bel automne!


In partnership with Rocca delle Macie.