It’s Sunday morning, the weather is fine and the family is coming over for brunch. You’re making an omelette with sun-dried tomatoes and brie. What should you serve with it? Why not a glass of rosé? We suggest Le Pive Gris.

This salmon-coloured rosé has a delicate nose that features subtle aromas of red berries, orange peel and flowers. Savour this rosé that bears a Fruity and Light taste tag—it’s got delightful freshness!



When preparing meat, you don’t necessarily consider serving it with rosé, yet it makes for an interesting combination! For example, with grilled pork chops dusted with herbes de Provence, a rosé is a tasty and light accompaniment.

Conundrum Rosé is a fantastic pick to test out this pairing. Already known for their unusual and highly successful white blend, this bottle’s winemaker has created an expressive rosé that Fruity and Medium-bodied taste tag aficionados will love. Conundrum Rosé has notes of strawberry, raspberry, flowers, and melon.